An Explanation

Ok, so perhaps a quick explanation is required regarding the title of this little blog of mine. In all of my (very nearly) 26 years on this planet, I have been so incredibly adverse to bananas!!! I don’t remember a time that I have ever been able to even consider eating one, when the sheer smell of one being peeled in the vicinity knocked me sick.

But this is a new me, a marathon training me, a healthy eating me! And that meant only one thing – I was going to have to try and eat a banana!!

So according to my new diet plan, this afternoon at 4pm I sat myself down – with a handful of almonds, and the offending fruit item and cautiously unwrapped it’s yellow outercasing. The fibrous strings clinging to it’s sheath were broken as my teeth sank in. And that’s when a new taste sensation was born – I couldn’t bear to eat it quickly, and the mushiness after just two or three bites was a tad unpleasant! But all in all, I didn’t mind it. I might even eat another sometime!!

Oh what a thrilling life I lead!!


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