1 Week Down

…just 15 to go. I have had a positive week of training so far.

Despite the Jolly Holly Jog having been called off on Tuesday Mum, Dad, and I still managed to go for a six mile run. The hills around here can be pretty tough, and I required a little ice attention to the Achilles afterwards.

Thursday saw me start the plan in earnest with an easy 10 minute run – 10 minutes ‘tempo’ – easy 10 minutes. The achilles was still aching, but now I have started a proper stretching regime after training it is easing.

New Years day saw me out and about again. Another easy 10 minute warm up – 1 min brisk, 3 mins easy (x4) – 10 minutes easy.

Finally this morning I have been out for a 60 minute run.

I have been keeping track of my heart rate, and I find that the first ‘easy’ run I am able to keep it nice and low – but once it shoots up after a hard effort I really struggle to bring it down for the cool-down.

This is me at the start of this week – I am hoping this dial will change and head downwards a little by April, I’ll keep track every now and then, but I won’t be religiously following my weight because I don’t think i’ll see so much change if I do that.

Chris on the scales
Week 1 Weigh In

This week in Numbers

2072 Calories Burned
25.42 KM Run
7.15 avg. min/KM
168 avg. HR
189 Max HR
10 Total £’s Donated

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