My Mate Ed.

So today was first day back at work after a delightful 2 week break – A particularly long day, but that’s just because I had so much to do. But one of the first things that was said to me this morning was: “You ran a lot at Christmas didn’t you, and who’s Ed Mundo?”

Ed Mundo is in fact endomondo.

I have found, and read elsewhere, that a key to training is to keep a log of what you do – in as much detail as possible and endomondo is exactly what I use for that. There are many options on offer, and I have no way of knowing if what I use is the best, but I have tried a few of them and happen to prefer endomondo.

In short – I have an app on my iPhone which displays live workout data – simply press start and it tracks your run (or ski, walk, swim, row…….) basic details can be seen on screen such as speed, average speed, distance, duration.

screenshot of endomondo app
The Endomodo iPhone App

Once back at the computer you can see the map of your workout, with profile and speed plotted on a chart (profile is not good though – look at the profile for an out’n’back route this evening). You can also add extra details regarding HR, see how many calories are burnt during the exercise, and add notes about your workout.

screenshot of endomondo website

In my case, this software also adds an automatic post to twitter and facebook. I like to share with my friends, quite often they offer support – excepting of course when I went out on Christmas Day and was called all kinds of names!

If you want to keep a written diary, then that’s cool, I used to do that – but seeing as how all the info that I am recording is obtained from this app I choose to leave it on there instead as it’s just easier. You could use endomondo to keep a simple track of your workouts, or you can utilise the extra sections and keep full notes regarding each individual training session.

Alternatives include mapmyrun and fetcheveryone of which I have used both in the past, I just like the layout of endomondo, especially after its most recent upgrade.


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