Falling Off The Wagon

Despite having been on it for just a week, I already feel like I have fallen off the diet wagon. My plan has been one from Mens Fitness magazine, which involves providing a calorie deficit to lose some fat, whilst maintaining carb and protein levels to ensure support of new muscle and energy to run. This is the diet plan, although bear in mind that I tweaked it in a number of places to better suit me, my lifestyle, and my hatred for some of the foods on it.

But it has just been one of them weeks, I felt I was doing OK, but a tough day sat numb infront of a computer screen staring at reports has pushed me over the edge, I wasn’t able to stick to my timings for eating. This led to a certain amount of lethargy, and once finally home could summon absolutely no energy to go outside in the horrible sideways drizzle.

And in my final hour of desperation I was pushed towards chips for my dinner. Well, pushed may be an exaggeration – I can’t remember if it was actually my idea! But I’m glad that at least I managed to avoid the pizza option!!

I have read numerous times, that a key to a good diet is that should you have a bad day – don’t worry about it. Just wake up the next morning and start again, it’s not a problem, and in the grand scheme of things – it won’t affect my training too bad. Tonight was meant to be a short ‘fartlek’ session, but it’s nothing that I can’t complete in the morning.

After-all “To Err is Human”

I even had to succumb to the temptations of coffee this afternoon in order to power me through the second half of my computer training, which is a shame as I have managed all week on just my early morning cup to see me through. I feel so much better on the whole now I am drinking approximately 3 litres of water a day, sometimes supplemented by green tea.

Oh well, time to pick myself up, dust myself down, and prepare for a new day tomorrow back on the wagon!!


One thought on “Falling Off The Wagon

  1. Hey, stick with it – we all have these off days where work
    doesn’t go well or we just feel lethargic. Like you said pick it up
    tomorrow, but don’t try and cram in an extra session to catch up –
    just move on… Keep smiling!!

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