Third Week Done & Dusted

OK, so this week has been a fairly quiet one – certainly on the blogging front anyway. Well it has been from me at least, I have spent plenty of time this week reading other peoples blogs. Being the 16th January we are now halfway through Janathon, the concept of which is to run everyday in January, Log your stats, and blog about it.

Jog it, Log it, Blog it

But seeing as how I am in training, I think running everyday would kill me off, it is interesting reading other peoples views on it though. Maybe I’ll wait till Juneathon to give it a go.

I managed to plan my runs a little better this week, and whilst I am incorporating interval training in my sessions, Martin Yelling discusses the Pro’s for doing it in this weeks Marathon Talk. This is a great podcast which I happen to have stumbled across now that I follow Mike Bushell from BBC Breakfast on twitter.

I feel a little like the diet has wavered slightly this week – probably more to do with the fact that its been a month since I was paid, Christmas has happened since then, and I still have more than a week till I get anymore money – so trying to buy fancy diet food has gone out of the window somewhat.

More weight gone :-)

Definitely still working though, as another kilogram or so has bitten the dust – sorry about the poor picture quality, but I have been told I am no longer allowed to display my “Hobbit Feet”, so I have had to zoom in with the crappy camera on my phone.

Finished the week off in style with my longest ever run – both in duration and distance. I was really happy this morning to complete 8 miles in 90 minutes. The wind was awful, most of the run was done into a headwind – fine coming downhill, not so good going up!! But then as I rounded the corner, hoping the wind on my back would help me glide home – the wind dropped and the rain started!! Eurgh.

Despite my praising of Endomondo last week, thinking I may have to reconsider my choice – the elevation profiling is useless, but more an more frequently the GPS tracking is wrong. I added nearly half a mile to my run, just by correcting the route afterwards.

This week in Numbers

1958 Calories Burned
24.61 KM Run
7.10 avg. min/KM
169 avg. HR
186 Max HR
65 Total £’s Donated

2 thoughts on “Third Week Done & Dusted

    1. Thanks very much. I’m not sure that at this stage I could keep that pace going for 26 miles – but today, whilst I was out, I really thought that given a few more months training – I probably could. So that was a definite plus-point for me today :-)

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