PHP, SQL, CMS & RUN(ning)

Another quiet week at work, and an insanely dull day at geek school (finished a 5 week assignment in less than 5 hours) should have led to a far more productive running week.

This time last weekend I had been thinking about making this the week that I would step up to 4 runs per week. However, the Gods (and by that I mostly mean the clothes washing) conspired against me, and it was Wednesday before I could get out on my first run. A tempo effort which left me gasping for breath and having to stop for a walk at the turnaround point. The longer tempo efforts are starting to hurt now!!

After we treated ourselves to an incredible indian takeaway dinner on Thursday night, I still couldn’t move on Friday – and so my interval session didn’t happen until Saturday morning. 4 lots of 5 minute ‘hard’ efforts really took it out of me, doesn’t help that the route I chose to take seemed to ensure that each hard effort coincided perfectly with an (up)hill!!

Spent the afternoon on Saturday website building – I have a little knowledge of things in that area, and I like to experiment, but as I have two websites that I have been asked to build, I decided to have a play around. I started off teaching myself to build a relatively simple customer management system (CMS) in PHP (PHP:Hypertext Protocol). I finished the evening by installing a complete login and registration script. Haha, I am such a NERD.

And as ever, Sunday is long-run day. Set off this morning for Boosbeck, heading first downhill, then back up again to Skelton Green, and downhill to Skelton. Then back uphill to Upleatham, and a bit more uphill to Guisborough and then finally home! This is todays route profile: - elevation profile of run

This 9.5mile (approx) run took me 1:47. Setting records every week now as the distance and time on my feet goes up. Really regretted doing the intervals yesterday though, today I could never quite get into a comfortable rhythm, my right leg ached around the piriformis region, my knees were a little sore on the downhill, and I have two lovely blisters on the bottom of my left foot. I still think orthotics will help. I think that whilst I over-pronate on my right foot (roll from outside to inside of foot), I do the opposite in the left, and roll from the inside to outside. A little more arch support may be in need?!?

To cheer Lyndsey up, we went out for a little walk this afternoon to feed the ducks. Although we didn’t actually find any ducks, and the Moorhens just ran away from us and the bread. It was a nice 3 mile walk though, even though muddy in places and a little cold. My legs are suffering now, even as I sit here typing in my compression tights, wondering if they have any effect whatsoever.

This week in Numbers

2343 Calories Burned
29.45 KM Run
7.11 avg. min/KM
166 avg. HR
186 Max HR
65 Total £’s Donated

Woop, and I am finally just a whisker away from 12 stone!! (even despite that monster Chicken Tikka on Thursday!!!)

And just three weeks to go until my first ever half marathon!


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