The point of this training week was to have a relatively easy week in order to consolidate the work done during the previous 4 weeks, and to have a little bit of a rest.

I had thought that this may be the week to increase my runs to 4 per week, as I would ease myself in gently, but despite starting well and getting out on Tuesday, I was unable to get out again until Friday. The first run was just a very simple 20 minutes out and back – where I managed to keep my average HR down in the low 140’s, and I felt really good. On Friday I tried the same again, but for an hour this time. Apart from the short sharp hill that gets in the way, I managed to keep my HR low again.

After Fridays run, I stretched – infact after the previous niggles that I have had, I have been doing some nice long stretching sessions after my run – but I struggled a little with my right calf. I couldn’t get to a point where I felt the stretch easing my calf, but thought little of it. Well, until Saturday morning that was. I really struggled walking downstairs (up and on flat is not too bad), and what I knew I needed was the opportunity to rest and ice it – as fate would have it though, I had to be at work for an open day – the sole purpose of which is to walk loops around the College over and over again. Definitely not what I was needing. But not much I could do about it.

So Saturday evening, I spent my time alternating between ice and heat whilst building websites, then used a tennis ball to massage the point in my calf from which the pain radiates. By the time I went to bed, I felt quite a bit better.

This morning I got up and had another little session of ice and heat whilst eating breakfast, although didn’t feel much pain. Stretched thoroughly and decided to head out on my run telling Lynds that I’d be anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours. By the time I reached Boosbeck (about 15 minutes) I’d had enough and didn’t want to push it any more. So I turned round and headed home. Certainly not much in the way of a 10mile long run that I was aiming for today.

To make things worse, yesterday I signed up for Febulous in order to encourage me to reach that 4 runs a week milestone, but it would seem I am going to fail in the first week, as I am off the running for at least the next 3-4days whilst I rest and ice the leg! Rather annoying seeing as I am just a fortnight away from first ever half marathon, and more so that I managed to crock myself during an easy ‘rest’ week.

So, to console myself – I have been making my Birthday cake this afternoon – tomorrow in my office we shall be enjoying Chocolate Brownie Meringue Cake with Raspberry Cream. I’ve been making the main base of the cake today, and will finish it with the raspberry cream in the morning. Yum!!

Birthday Cake in Progress

This week in Numbers

1025 Calories Burned
12.89 KM Run
8.06 avg. min/KM
148 avg. HR
174 Max HR
80 Total £’s Donated

On an extra note, I finally had my re-enrolment session at the Saltburn gym as they have changed all the equipment to super fancy new stuff!! Well, it’s fantastic, I now have a key which holds all my data, and tracks all my workouts. This key is put into every machine and follows what I do. Hopefully I will now pull my finger out a bit more, and get some early mornings in at the gym to work on core and upper body weights.

Anywhoo, off to watch TV and ice my leg.


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