The week started in a certain level of discomfort from my calf muscle – but also with my Birthday. Monday was a day filled with fine food (home cooked enchiladas and lots of cake), beer and a little sitting around doing not much feeling sorry for myself not being able to do any running. On the bright side though, I got some lovely new running treats for my birthday – two pairs of running shorts, a pair of tights, and a long sleeve top. I have subsequently tested out the tights and top and can report back that they are very comfortable and pleasant to run in. It has not been the weather for the shorts yet.

After yet another dull day at Geek School (I wonder when I will learn anything of use?) I set out for a nice easy 20 minute run to test the leg out. On the whole it felt pretty good, although the uphill section approaching my turn point did pull a little on the calf. Wednesday was the real test though, Such strong winds (which, by the way, always seem to be a headwind uphill – whats that all about?), meant that I was struggling more than usual, and cut the session short by about 8-10 minutes. Still a good workout though, and an indication that leg is on the mend.

But it was the weather that held me up on Friday night. If I was to meet my Febulous target of 4 runs in a week the interval session had to come on Friday. But with the wind picking up plant pots with its strength, I just could not bring myself to do it.

Saturday just seemed to come and then go again – I spent a lot of time working on websites, and now that I have the laptop to test out raceday software I was getting ready for the start of the season at Stokesley Duathlon in March.

And that brought me to Sunday – Long Run day. I felt good Sunday morning, having awoken nice and early, I decided to avoid MOTD first thing and concentrate on getting some breakfast in me, and heading off. So I was out and on the wet and windy roads by just after 9am. I imagine it probably took less than 5 minutes for me to end up looking like a drowned rat. It was really wet out there, but pretty enjoyable. I did basically the same route as a fortnight ago, but this week adding a loop that took me all the way around Skelton, and then another loop further in Guisborough than previously. But by the end of it all, my phone app still said I had only done 11.1 miles. I did consider looping round Charltons again, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. When I got in, having readjusted the mapping software, it turns out I did more like 11.5 miles in 2hours 5 mins. I am pretty happy with that.

What I am not happy with is the sheer level of chafe that I have suffered – having never had the misfortune of nipple chafe in my life, I can only assume that soaking wetness played its part in compounding my misery yesterday. And it would seem the stuff I use on my legs has a shelf life of about 1.5hours, as after that the chafe starts to kick in. Also got a nice big blister on the arch of my foot :-( However, as I sit here writing this now, with the effects of DOMS creeping upon me (like two great big stalky things) – I really enjoyed the run, and whilst I was out I felt great both in body and mind.

This week in Numbers

2204 Calories Burned
27.69 KM Run
6.57 avg. min/KM
170 avg. HR
187 Max HR
80 Total £’s Donated
88 Febulous Consistency Score

All in all, not a bad week. And I am excited for my first ever Half Marathon next week!!!


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