Still not reached the holy grail!

I think I have had a relatively slow week this week, which got off to a pretty good start in running terms really: having gotten out of Geek School fairly early I was back home with plenty of daylight remaining, and on a mission to stretch my legs out following the 13.5miles on Sunday.

So I saw this as a perfect excuse to don the trail trainers and head out into the woods for a bit. This was a good plan, the muddy trails were great fun, but many had become a tad overgrown and pace was very stop-start as I tried to beat my way through (11:00 min/km avg. speed definitely affected this weeks stats). Overall though it was great to get some fresh woodland air in my lungs.

The week continued in fine form as Wednesday saw me out for a slight pyramid session. w/u then 5mins x steady, 5mins x fast, 5mins x easy (twice) then a cool down. Again, I felt pretty good (despite the hard effort up hill – as always) – and I was off to a great start to the week thinking I might finally achieve my 4runs per week goal.

But it was not to be. Long week at work just dragged the life out of me, and Friday evening I just couldn’t really be bothered to get the trainers on for an interval session. The final nail was struck on the head when Lynds picked up the phone to call the pizza place :-( oh well there is always next week for a four-runner!! Laying in bed on Saturday morning I contemplated an easy 20 minute stretch out (mostly so I could tick off another run for the week), but my plan doesn’t call for that – and saving my legs for the long run was far more important than ticking off a Febulous run!

Finally, Sunday morning arrived, and time once again to pull on the lycra, head out the door, and turn my legs over for fifteen miles. I had already decided to go out on a different route to the last couple of weeks as I don’t want to become bored trudging the same kind of loops every week – so I headed out through Guisborough towards Great Ayton. As I had planned the run I thought that I needed to head all the way into Great Ayton, but when I checked my mileage on the phone just after Newton-under-Roseberry I had done 7.5 so I headed for home.

Not long after the turn around I really started suffering with my left foot. The pain itself feels somewhat akin to how I imagine it might feel if the arch of my foot were to snap – but all it seems to actually do is produce a huge blister. I have tried all different kind of insoles, but I think its a new pair of trainers I need, just can’t afford that! But I think to an extent it helped me build my mental resolve as I powered through the pain and it started to die away. Sadly though as I approached the final hill before home my calf just started to cramp, and I had to finish my run with a run/(mostly)walk, which is annoying as I probably could have finished my run almost 10 minutes earlier without that.

On a plus point, endomondo tells me that the first 13.1miles of today’s run was 8 minutes quicker than last weeks half marathon run, setting a new PB of 2:20! Helps me to believe that (injuries etc. excepting) I can achieve a sub 5hour marathon in London – hopefully closer to 4:45!

This week in Numbers

2603 Calories Burned
33.53 KM Run
8.25 avg. min/KM
156 avg. HR
179 Max HR
105 Total £’s Donated
88 Febulous Consistency Score

Finally I just want to say another thank you to @VLM2011ROB on twitter. On Tuesday he tweeted to say he had a spare £50 to donate to charities, and the first 10 to tweet a reply would receive a donation. I was one of the lucky ten, and would like to acknowledge this wonderful act of human kindness of someone to just donate £5 to me without knowing anything about me.

If of course you would like to donate too, then you can click the link below. Many thanks, Chris!


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