Four Runs in a Week!

I have been sat for a while staring at the screen, not really sure what to write about this week.

All-in-all it’s been a relatively good week, work has been fairly same-old, same-old – which is not necessarily a bad thing I guess, just plodded my way through. Uni on Tuesday was a bit ridiculous, it continues to amaze me that a university lecturer does not need a teaching qualification, and you can certainly tell that not one of the bunch that teach us has anything even resembling a qualification. It did mean, that with a lack of learning to be done I was able to get away early, and as I had prepared for just such a possibility I headed straight to the gym at Saltburn. I had a pretty routine weights session, in particular looking to build a little upper body strength and actually engage some shoulder muscles. After this I headed to the dreadmill for a 25 minute jog, cut short in the end by 5 minutes with a little pull in the calf/achiles area that I really did not want to push too hard.

I posted a long, ranting blog about how horrendous I felt on Wednesday evening, and the subsequently appalling run that I undertook on Thursday morning. I won’t go into detail again, but suffice to say that I was not a happy bunny, and I assumed that my four-run week was yet again in jeopardy!

Thursday night, I was out on the town with (most-of) the team from work. Delicious dinner at Nandos (as always), quick pint of Copper Dragon at Doctor Browns, then to the cinema to see Swan Lake. Now, I will admit I was not overly enamoured with the prospect of seeing the film given the somewhat mixed reviews, and a subject matter of which I have very little interest. But I am always up for new experiences, so settled down to watch the film. I think I was nearly asleep in 20 minutes, but struggled through thanks mostly to Liam’s hilarious commentary that was running alongside the viewing. I was so incredibly unimpressed by the film, and I have to say that if Natalie Portman wins anything for the film I will be deeply disillusioned with the film making industry.

Friday night I was back in the running gear again, keen to improve upon the debacle from the morning before, and also aching to try out some new (old) shoes that I had found in the spare room and to see if they made my feet/legs feel any better. And on the whole, I felt loads better all round. Dressed more appropriately for the weather, the tempo sets felt great and I was back onto a winner again :-)

And so came Sunday, long run day, and day of the fourth run for the week!! Having dropped Lynds at her Mum and Dads house I decided to run out from there along the seafront and what would be a flatter elevation profile. The weather was perfect, having set off in sunshine some cloud cover did come across but the temperature remained pleasant throughout. Fearing that the wind along the seafront was going to slow me right down was thankfully not to materialise and it was a comfortable run. I managed to run the whole 17mile distance (apart from a brief stop in the bushes), and apart from the final mile or two I felt pretty comfortable.

After a delicious pasta carb filling lunch I have crashed out on the sofa to watch the footie, keep track of the cricket, and write my blog. All in preparation for what is sure to be a great night in ‘Boro tonight watching a couple of bands. If I can make if up onto my legs when the time comes!!

This week in Numbers

3533 Calories Burned
43.86 KM Run
6.21 avg. min/KM
163 avg. HR
178 Max HR
105 Total £’s Donated
91 Febulous Consistency Score

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