Has anyone seen my mojo?

OK, I am not sure about the reasons but this week had amounted to zero. Well not quite zero, but I amassed just 30 minutes of exercise all week – and that wasn’t even spread out, it was just one run on Tuesday afternoon!

Caffeine Withdrawal

I have wondered whether my decision to abstain from caffeine for the month of March has anything to do with my somewhat horizontal approach to training this week. I am not so sure that I drink too much caffeine, but I consume a fair amount and have decided that in the run up to the marathon and seeing as I don’t really drink much booze, I would give up my other vice – caffeine. I did try it once before, and have to say that I felt much better for the week that it lasted.

This week the abstinence has been OK, surprisingly I have not craved coffee the minute I walk downstairs in the mornings, and I have not felt particularly tired on an evening, although sleep has been hard to come by sometimes this week, but that is probably unrelated. On the whole I feel good, albeit really hungry – my appetite has gone through the roof!

Except that, I have had no get-up-and-go whatsoever. I felt good after Tuesdays recovery jog out, but when Wednesday came I quickly succumbed to a phantom achilles pain and settled myself on the sofa and put my feet up. Thursday lunch time I went out for a stroll down to the shops, and felt something funny tweak in the same achilles area. Not worth aggravating though so another evening on the
sofa beckoned. Normally I would be panicking that I was missing out and becoming increasingly lethargic, but this week – nothing. Not a care in the world!!

Friday, a sh1te day at work and some rubbish news at home meant that I was in absolutely no mood to go out running anyway – caffeine withdrawals or not! I was at work again on Saturday, and did not want to run so close to a proposed long run on Sunday.

But Sunday rolled around, and after a work meeting for my weekend job with TriHard Events it was lunch time before I was home, and zero inspiration to go out. So I didn’t.

And worryingly I just didn’t care. I feel no remorse for having not gone out – although I am aware that now there is less than six weeks until toeing the line in London. I am hoping that this week will prove to be more successful, and if I feel my mojo has not returned – then I am going to revert back to the coffee and hope that it perks me up again!!

This week in Miserly Numbers

347 Calories Burned
4.47 KM Run
6.48 avg. min/KM
? avg. HR
? Max HR
105 Total £’s Donated
13 Marchvelous Consistency Score pathetic!

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