Surf’s up (dude)

Wow, this week has been considerably better than last week in my marathon build up. A complete turnaround in fortunes when I actually made it out of the door on Monday evening for a nice easy 30 minutes which turned out to be not so easy when I was clearly under nourished and when asked directions to the community centre behind me I completely lost all concept of where it was.

Marathon Pace?

Wednesday was an interval session (of sorts). Two sets of 15 minutes at marathon pace. So really I did my warm up – then for the marathon pace I sped up a bit. When I looked at the phone on my way round, it would seem I was running at about 9:30min/mile, and I felt pretty comfortable(ish) and felt I could probably do at least an extra 30 minutes on top. But does this mean that my MP should be harder than I have initially thought of (previously thinking 10:30min/mile), is my central governor winning and telling me that I can’t go as fast as my legs think, or am I actually training for too hard a MP? I’m not convinced I could keep up 9:30 for the full race. But maybe I need to consider a fast/slow system – 2miles @ 9:30, 1mile @ 11:30. This will achieve just over 10min/mile average and hopefully a sub 4:30 marathon.

New Shoes

My loooooooverly new shoes came in the post on Friday – thanks to my super Mumatron & Papatron – but, because they were shiny and new I didn’t want to go out in the rain. Well, that was my excuse anyway – honestly I just couldn’t really be bothered, so I didn’t! Instead I took them for a stroll out on Saturday morning and enjoyed a very comfortable 30 minute jog out. I later tweeted it was like running in slippers. I love my new Mizuno Wave Riders!!

Surfs Up

Not long after my run I was invited out for my first ever surf lesson. We’ve been chatting about it for weeks in the office as our Graphic Designer Sophie is a keen surferer and offered us all a lesson. So on a slightly overcast day in March I decided to dip myself in the North Sea!!! Hmmmm, what was I thinking??? Sophie was a great teacher, but I have to admit – I was not the best student. I couldn’t stand up for more than a fraction of a second (on one occasion) before falling off the other side. But I had an absolute blast, and can’t wait to try again!! I might not do it on the day before a long run though – my arms are aching now, but perhaps more importantly my legs were a little sore given the hardwork that it takes to fight against the tide when strolling back out to sea for the next wave.

Long Run

Trying to plan my long run of 19 miles was a little tricky as I didn’t want to travel anywhere to start, and I don’t like running backwards and forwards over the same route – so I planned a nice hilly route to challenge myself! And all went pretty well to start with albeit with a smidge of walking up the really steep hills! But soon enough the cheese-grater I must of accidentally put down my shorts started to kick in. Weird that it did that, despite having stopped three times to add more Vaseline. The cumulative effects of the previous days efforts really started to take their toll at about mile 15, and from thereon-in it was down to a snails pace and lots of walking.

I was getting a bit het-up about it all when on the run – especially as I was listening to the MarathonTalk podcasts in which they were discussing a Japanese athlete who has seemingly come to terms with the idea that it didn’t matter if he died in a race as long as he knew that he’d put his all into it. And there I was thinking about giving up on a measly 19mile training run!! But when I look back at it now with that wonderful thing called hindsight – it was just a training run, and I had done a lot before it which I am definitely not going to be doing on the 16th April.

Physio Pain

All this aching though, has just instilled a fear in me for tonight, and my visit to the physio. I have been plenty of times to see the physio with regards to my back, neck and shoulders which cause a lot of grief due to my super-bendiness (hypermobility) and I like it when they work out the knots in my shoulders. But the ache in my legs – boy, I am just nervous about what she is going to do to me when I tell her my piriformis is occasionally sore, and my knee aches after a couple of miles!! But only time will tell I guess.

This week in Numbers

3647 Calories Burned
47.05 KM Run
7.01 avg. min/KM
163 avg. HR
183 Max HR
140 Total £’s Donated
46 Marchvelous Consistency Score

One thought on “Surf’s up (dude)

  1. Hilly long runs are a good idea, in my books anyway… The strengthen the legs and prepare for any hills!
    19 miles is hard to wrap the noggen around

    glad it was good

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