Time to move on

Well, I suppose in all honestly it is time to move on.

When I first started this blog – the purpose of it was to tell the story of my training from the start of my plan in December to the start line in London on April 17th of this year.  And it served that purpose well.  I have enjoyed writing about my training, the highs and the lows, and the subsequent support that I have received as a result.

But that was all it was ever about, and I think I had assumed it would come to a natural conclusion.  However, whilst there are still people prepared to read my drivel I suppose I better continue to spout it :-)

Not a great deal has happened since my last blog (the write-up of VLM’11), I have mostly spent my time sitting and recovering.  In the first week I simply ate more carbs in a similar manner to the way I had been getting them down my throat in the run up to the big show!

With Lyndsey signing up for the Race for Life in support of a dear friend Jan, we set about a 5 week plan to get her from couch – to – 5km ready and went out for a couple of jog/walk sessions.  On the first one, she proudly declared that she felt like a proper runner with her ponytail swishing.  The second one was not such a pretty picture, moans and groans arrived with every footfall – and since then we have not been out.  Still, it was one hell of an achievement to get that far! :-)

The week after that I decided to turn up for the first race in the Tees Trail Summer Series at Coulby Newham petting zoo.  This was a great fun trail race, and at the end I was lucky enough to meet another twitter friend @julienisbet (check out all the amazing things she has planned for charity).  It was tough on the legs and lungs following a 26.2mi race and then two week lay-off, and the steps at about half way got to many competitors.  I didn’t set the world on fire with my time, and although the course came up short of 5k I was relatively pleased with my 25minutes.

Me, number 105!

That’s about all I’ve done on the running side of things.  I have also been surfing and I managed to stand up!! Woohooo! Only once mind, and only briefly – but it was such a rush!! :-) can’t wait to go out again, but there has been zero swell in Saltburn recently, so we’re waiting for our teacher to take us out whenever she is not gallivanting around Europe!

In the meantime though, I have added a few extra pages to this blog.  Following the links at the top of the page you can view the races I have completed and are upcoming, you can also see the training plans for my upcoming half marathon in Yorkshire and the big one – Chester Marathon in October.

So there you go – glutton for punishment that I am, have entered another marathon!! And this blog will track my training and progress as I head towards this goal.

So I hope you all enjoy reading!


4 thoughts on “Time to move on

  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m also going to do the Chester Marathon! Nice and flat (I gather), with not too big a field, so it looks promising for a good time.
    My previous one was the Great Welsh Marathon in Llanelli in April of last year – 4h19m. At Chester, I will attempt to go sub 4 hours for the first time since I ran my first marathon at the tender age of 19, which was 25 years ago.
    I haven’t finalised my training programme yet, but once that is done it would be nice to compare notes.
    Good luck with the surfing!

    1. Nick,
      I had a few that I was looking at over the first two weekends in October – but decided in the end to go for Chester with its relatively flat course, the size of the field, and the apparent friendliness and support from the crowd. Plus my Mum has decided that it will be her next Marathon too so I just had to sign up for it.
      Having had a tough time of it in London coming in in 5:40 I think I am going to properly knuckle down to my training and go for my original target of 4:30-4:45.
      I’ve put my training plan on one of te tabs at the top – this has been taken wholesale from “Advanced Marathoning”, but once I finish reading “Everyone’s Guide…” there will probably be a few changes and tweaks made to it. I think the thing I really need to make a concerted effort with is my food intake and diet!

      Surfing is so much fun, if you haven’t tried it I would definitely recommend it!!


  2. I surfed for a about two seasons in South Africa in 2003/2004, but then I moved 400 miles away from the coast and sold my surfboard. I was never very good at it, but found it very enjoyable and it gives you a good whole-body workout!
    Here in Brighton the waves are rarely more than 2ft, so surfing not really an option.

    1. Awesome! I don’t envisage ever being much good at it, but it is good fun – and a brilliant workout!!

      Ah no, I was hoping there would be areas down there a bit better than that, as later in the year we’ll be moving down south (probably Horsham area) so Brighton and surrounding area was going to be my new surf spot!!

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