The things life throws in your way

If it seems like a while since you read a post from me, well that’s kind of because it has been.  Although doubtful that your life has suffered from some unexplainable sense of loss as a result, today I realised that it is very nearly two months since I last blogged – the subject of which, was that I planned on continuing to blog as I trained for more running challenges.  Sadly, it wasn’t even the first time I’ve paid it any heed – on the 8th June I remember thinking “boy, it’s been a whole month since I blogged, better think of something good to say….” I guess I struggled on that point.

That’s not withstanding all the other things that get in the way to throw plans askew.  In the last two months many things have happened, most of which you’ll be aware of, and some that are simply too insignificant to mention, but I’ll give you a quick catchup of where I’m at.

“last weeks episode….”

So to recap, when last we met, Lyndsey had suffered the misfortune of moving from one threat of redundancy, straight into another – despite previous assurances to suggest otherwise (but I think that is a story for another day).  Faced with the threat of no work she set out upon the journey of job-seeking, one which far too many are embarking upon in recent times, and as a fairly specialised teacher struggled to find relevant work locally and started looking at spreading her wings.  Long story, short – a quick display of her unerring teaching prowess, and having left the distinct impression that she was the one for the job, she was offered a teaching role here (I know, wow!) and subsequently accepted it.  Leaving me with little choice but to start searching for work – sadly the wages are not high enough for me to become a kept man!  In all honesty, I am not convinced I wanted to search for stuff at the start, I kept hoping that something would come together and allow us to keep our pretty little house here on the North Yorkshire Moors that took us so long to get hold of, thanks almost entirely to the generosity of others.  I also kind of hoped I didn’t have to move away from my work, On the whole, it’s really not my favourite place to be for many reasons, but the work is something that I actually enjoy doing, and I’m far too nervous about the idea of starting somewhere new and re-integrating myself with a new team – the thought quite literally terrifies me!

I think the one defining point that really moved me forwards was finding another job which filled me with so much excitement – a similar role to mine, but with a little more responsibility and a lot more work, at St Mary’s University College Twickenham.  As a training centre for elite endurance athletes, the prospect of working there really excited me, so I filled in my form, and I think almost every single day I went on their website to read a little bit more information about the Uni.  When I was actually short listed for interview I was astounded, I couldn’t believe it was possible, I was so excited. And then all of a sudden stricken with fear – to be short listed meant I needed an interview.  Most people who know me, will know that I am not good at all about finding a good word to say about myself – I really, really struggle to find anything of importance that I do in my day-to-day role and that I offer to the College as a whole. Certainly not enough to talk about.  The long and the short of it is though, after a few days of waiting (4 days longer than I had been told to wait) I finally heard that I came a close second, and, had the other person decided not to take the job – having dithered around so long – I’d have been in with a shout.  Nice to hear, but still not a great deal of consolation at the time.  Moving on, jobs thin on the ground, I found another really inspiring one at Goldsmiths, University of London – this time excited from my artistic background.  Somehow, a few weeks later, and another phone call inviting me to interview, whatever I write on these forms seems to work – but this time it was not such the happy story, an email the following day told me I had been unsuccessful, and upon asking for feedback it would seem “your understanding of the role in general was lacking” tough to take, given it’s basically the job I do currently – and the College seems to be doing OK at the moment.  My confidence took a real bashing that day – and in all honesty it was a pretty tough week, certainly not one where I was excited about moving house!

Moving right up to date, yet another interview came my way last week – one that I felt went pretty well, having tried to go in there with a cool, calm frame of mind – a job about which there was no extra special something to really get my hopes up with, and hopefully I’ll hear back sometime this week.  So remember, fingers crossed please.


Finally, Lyndsey has spent the last couple of weeks down at the school, getting to know her way round, the pupils, and the other staff members.  I am really pleased that she seems to have had a good time there, but judging by the snoring coming from the other room I think it took it out of her a bit – they certainly do some extreme working hours!!


In my TriHard career, I seem to have been working every single weekend – normally on both days! With the longer events taking place at the minute too, the last two weekends have been spent by standing around in a field for in excess of 12 hours.  Not only that, but the sheer amount of driving that I’ve been required to do recently has been destroying my back, and I sit here now really struggling to drop my shoulders to where they should be as my muscles are so incredibly tight.


and dare I ask about the training?

With all this going on, especially the working at weekends – I have made near enough zero attempt at reaching my training target.  With two weeks to go till the half, my longest run since the London Marathon has been 8 miles.  A run that really hurt a fortnight ago, and the only run in a fortnight.  Since last blogging I started my plan quite well, including making a concerted effort to complete the hill repeats, interval, and fartlek sessions alongside the normal Long-Slow-Run, and the tempo effort.  But it has all well and truly gone away, and after my second beer of the evening sunshine I am failing to find any inspiration to go out right now either!!  With the bizarre routines of waking earlier on the weekends than I do during the week, and having not had a day off in weeks – my nutrition has gone to pot too, I am piling the weight back on – serving only to continue this downward spiral.

Only 14 weeks to go to the Chester Marathon, and I am not feeling confident – my training plan calls for a peak training week of 55 miles, and I am failing to see how I can achieve it – so I find myself reluctant to bother trying, as I’ll probably fail anyway.


And finally…

There are just four short weeks tomorrow (Monday 4th July) until I get hitched to the lovely Miss Lyndsey Schorah.  Pretty much everything has been organised and sorted (very little by me I must add, and subsequently apologise for) and it’s very exciting.  So if anyone reading this can write me a good Grooms speech it’d be much appreciated!! :-) I think I might be able to manage it really – must remember to thank the right people in the right order!  And that also means – 4 weeks on Thursday we’ll be jetting off to Marrakech!! I hope the gym has air-con if I’m going to keep my to training routine (when I start it).


I promise I’ll blog more often again now – I think it was just a case of finding a few minutes to sit down and type to get me going again.


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