So is this what MoJo is?

I know I didn’t post last week, but I’m not sure that anything much happened to warrant a blog post, so I figured I would save it up for this week.

Not much exciting going on at this exact moment in time. Work sucks, I have no idea what I am doing, and given the time of year and the stresses it brings in education there is no time for anyone to tell me. Compounded by the fact that half of the department have left, and all of us performing enrolment for 1000’s of students are temps! When I thought that nothing could be worse than CCAD I am almost left yearning to be back in that office. At least some of the time someone knew what was happening – and I didn’t expect to ever hear myself saying that.

I think the issues with work have been strained somewhat by the unbelievable train service that operates in this country! I knew it was fairly bad, and I know most of you reading this will know it is bad! But why do we have to accept that it’ll just be bad?!!? Last week, when the winds picked up a bit, two of my trains were cancelled – I ended up over 1.5 hours late for work – because of wind! I just don’t understand how a nation similar to ours in Japan, can have such an incredibly efficient service. They are an island nation, and they have fairly well defined seasons including similar temperatures I believe – snow, rain, wind! But I think I read somewhere once that in this country a train has to be 5 minutes late before the companies call it ‘late’. In Japan, if a train is even one minute delayed that qualifies as a late train – and they STILL have less than 1% of all services late!!

As a result of delayed trains last week I missed one of my runs, as it was just too dark when getting home – and this week I had to cut it short as I had gotten home a little earlier but the nights are really starting to get dark early now! I am hoping that the streets of Reigate and Redhill actually have street lighting, although I will also get my headtorch out of storage next weekend.

Managed a good 7 mile run last Sunday – it was a glorious morning to head out onto the open roads of Kent, winding my merry way from village to village. When all of a sudden there loomed in front of me a huge hill. I put in (what I thought to be) a valliant effort to run up it, but after every bend it just kept rising. So I had to give in eventually and walk a little bit, but it was just such a great run. I have a little 4 mile loop which I think I am going to stick with again this coming week as I try to just ease my way along it and slowly start to quicken the pace – but sadly this week I could only do 3.3miles of it as the darkness descended and I just had to cut the corner – strangely there are no lights on these single lane country roads!!

This morning I contemplated doing the same Sunday loop again with a little extra tagged on to bump it up to 8 miles, but instead decided to head up from the village into the North Downs. Crazy!! I had looked briefly on MapMyRun, and that quoted one bit as a gradient of 8%, but you know what these mapping things are like, and I was sceptical so I thought ‘sod it’ and off I went.

Climbing, and climbing, and climbing – it was another tremendous morning for a run along beautiful country lanes but boy, was that hill steep or what??? Nothing for it, I had to walk! I know I am aiming for a hill race, but not for another 2 months, so I still have time, and this one was a beast!! Suffered a strange pain in my ankle in the last mile, although having walked for a couple of hundred meters it seemed to dissipate, and hasn’t bothered me all day since – but something to keep an eye on perhaps!

When I got home, bikeroutetoaster was up and running again. And this is what it had to say about this mornings elevation:

So, apparently there are some hills around here!!

wow, not surprised I had to walk some of that bit – even walking my heart rate didn’t drop below 175!!

One thing about todays run though, that really excited me was a real feeling that I was thoroughly enjoying myself, as I plodded along the roads and paths, Martin and Tom chatting away in my ear I had a real revelation that this last couple of weeks – running because I could, because I wanted to and not because I had to has been something of a release!! I still need something to aim for I think, some sort of focus for walking in on an evening and getting straight into my gear and walking back out the door – but at the moment that Molehill race is far enough away to not be my sole purpose, and right now I am running to get fit, fundamentally I think to make it easier, so that I continue to get even more enjoyment from it! Wonderful

The rest of my morning was taken up catching the last few miles of the mens elite race at the Great North Run and seeing some of the masses crossing the line. I know many of the wonderful twitter peeps I interact with were there today, some setting super new PB’s, and others struggling whilst being pushed over and vomiting, but all seemed dead pleased with their achievements and it was lovely to read their updates, and I hope I congratulated as many of you as I could remember!!!!

As a final point – press ups have been somewhat sporadic this week. A phantom muscle injury to my leg earlier in the week meant there was no way of supporting my body weight, and when I did get around to doing some, the program called for a test session – simply do as many as I could. So I did. And I managed 32 consecutive press ups. So in two weeks I have doubled my total. But that is all I have managed this week – back on it again next week with gusto!!! I promise


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