I’m Back!!!

At last, after what seems like an eternity I finally have the interweb at home again!! I’m not going to lie, it has been like living in the dark ages, 3G is only useful so far! It all started with the useless lettings agency giving me the wrong postcode for the new house, and quickly spiralled downhill from there.

Anyway, so I’m back, but what’s new I can almost hear you shouting?
Well, we moved, it all went swimmingly given the logistical nightmare it was going to be, we were in, checked out of the storage place, all animals settled, and the Sky TV hooked up by mid afternoon. Sadly, owing to busy weeks at work, and both Lynds and I feeling pretty awful it took a full week to unpack all the boxes. Now some of you will be thinking that a week is nothing, but Lynds doesn’t do boxes :-)

Work has picked up since my last blog post, the hell that was clearing and enrolment subsided, and now my proper workflow is coming into play. Namely processing and assessing applications to the nursing courses at work, having done so with over 250 applications in 3 weeks. Blimey, that is one third of total applications for a whole year of what I was doing previously.

And the running?

Well, my last blog was all about my love of all things running, and I am very pleased to report that this motivation has continued at a steady pace. I am really loving running right now. It’s not always comfortable, and my legs often ache (maybe thats to do with walking up the big hill from the station everyday) but I am finding it so easy to hit 4-5 runs per week at them minute, with a good mix of sessions thrown in.

We’re all signed up for the Three Molehills relay race, but still fighting about who is doing which leg, but I have put my name forward for the 6.5 mile jaunt up and down Norbury Manor, so I have decided to work with a 10km training plan. This one, taken from run247.com seemed like a great plan which would be achievable after work and at weekends. It’s for someone aiming for a 50 minute time, although I know this is not going to be likely given the small mountain that forms the basis of the race, and I am swapping some of the track speed sessions, for hill repeats instead.

I am now four weeks into the plan, and it is going really well – unlike previous plans I have missed just two sessions in the whole four weeks, and I am finding it pretty easy to consistently hit 4-5 sessions. Running around Redhill/Reigate has been really enjoyable, and so far, the weather seems to have been unseasonably nice.

I was unsuccessful in my application to the London Marathon for 2012, so I am resorted to looking elsewhere – and now that Mum is all signed up for the inaugural Milton Keynes marathon I am thinking of doing that too. The flatness certainly appeals, and the route sounds nice from their blurb, and thinking that a brand new race might have some good support from the locals. But, things are tight following the move, so I might have to ask for my entry as a Christmas present. Seriously, who asks for marathon entry for Christmas?!?!? haha, I must have lost my marbles :-)

Anything Else?

Yup, I have a full week off work now – put in to take delivery of my new sofa, when we were told we wouldn’t get any notice, they couldn’t store it, and wouldn’t deliver at the weekend. Well, you’ll never guess what happened – Full weeks notice, and they delivered it at 9am on Saturday!!! :-) it’s blooming lovely, and now I have a full week chilling on it

….well, apart from when I am out running of course!

Dare I ask about the press ups?

You can ask, but it has not gone well. OK, that’s not entirely true, it hasn’t gone at all!! I think my shoulder was getting over worked, it was very sore and after a visit to the physio I have some stretches and a few exercises to do to strengthen my shoulders, and no press ups for a while until I can actually lift more than 1.5kg on my shoulders – I know, sad huh!!!

Anyway, its breakfast time now – yup, you can tell I’m off work, it was a late night last night and I did not wake up long before I started writing this post :-) Good job the training plan says it is a rest day!!


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