Mizuno Wave Rider 14

Mizuno Wave Rider 14 Running Shoe
Mizuno Wave Rider 14

What They Say

High-energy cushioning, without foot fatigue. The Wave Rider 14 offers exceptional performance in a flexible shoe that won’t let go of your heel. High-tech flex grooves in the outsole mean a smooth transition from heel to toe. Innovative flex eyelets let you leave instep strain behind while locking your heel in place. And the ingenious Wave Design gives you a springier step while transferring more energy into sheer velocity.

Dynamotion Fit: Reduces the effects of lateral stress on the shoe, resulting in an optimal fit while in motion.

Mizuno Wave: Footwear technology that combines cushioning and stability, which are both inherently necessary in great running shoes.

InterCool: Full-length ventilation in sole reduces heat and moisture build-up inside the shoe.

SmoothRide: Engineering approach to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.

Mizuno Wave Rider 14 Pronation/Support chart
Harmonious Ride, Neutral Pronation

What I Say

I’ve been using the Wave Rider 14’s since about March 2011, a wonderful gift from Mumatron & Papatron in the run up to Virgin London Marathon when my previous trainers were giving me some jip! My previous two sets of shoes were also Mizunos, although as it transpires, I was wearing supportive pronation correcting shoes based upon a dodgy gait analysis :-(

So when I was offered the opportunity for a new pair of shoes I decided to stick with Mizuno as a trusted and comfortable brand, and I used their online gait analysis ‘Precision Fit‘ to ascertain that in fact I have a relatively high arch, and not much in the way of pronation after all.

Opening the Box

So on first reveal, the lovely silvery colour, bright white sole and the orangey-red flash are instantly striking. To me, the next thing I noticed on picking them up was how super light they are. At this point, please bare in mind my relative naivity in this respect – In comparison to my past running shoes, these are wonderful light shoes, but I am aware that at a quoted 310g (for a size 8) these are probably a behemoth of the running shoe world.

Sliding a running sock clad foot into the slipper soft cushioning of the shoe for the first time is something of a revelation, even for a runner who has previously used different models from the same manufacturer. The shoe feels supportive all over, and thanks to the airmesh, is eminently breathable too. Picking your foot of the ground, the amazing lightness of a shoe which is really fairly bulky with a wide flat sole becomes immediately apparent.

Out on the road, as a heel striker, the ride is definitely smooth and comfortable. It seems the Wave does its job, make the transition from heel, to midfoot, and through to taking off from the forefoot again is silky smooth, and never have I suffered strain in the heel, or arch of my foot.

As I got the shoes during marathon build up, I was easily able to dive straight in with my long runs without having broken the shoes in – that is how comfortable and supportive they are!

So, since then, I have run the London Marathon and all the training that went with it. It is now November, and these delightful running shoes are still going strong, and with my new emphasis on shorter races, and trying to improve my stride I am working on a transition to being a forefoot striker. The support from these trainers continues to be top-notch. The grip has held up well, and they seem to have a good bit of life left in them still!

Any Negatives?

Well, only one, but maybe its just me, as I have not read about anyone else suffering from this issue: Slipping. I have felt that when the road gets even a little damp, the forefoot of the shoe slips a little on the surface. I’ve never gone down, and only once or twice lost my footing a little, but there is something a little disconcerting about it nonetheless.

Overall Opinion Then

Well, I love them. They are comfortable, supportive, cushioned, and built to last. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who asks! Provided your gait suits them of course :-)


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