End of ’11

I know that we still have a couple of days to go, but I thought that I would seize this opportunity for a quick blog post, as my mother reminded me yesterday that it has been 3 weeks since the last one.

So, since my last blog post, I have set a further 2 parkrun PB’s, in consecutive weeks no less, taking my time from 25:05, to 24:22, and finally 24:09.

Following that time on 17th December of this year, I have only managed another 2 runs, the first of which 9.5 miles on the following Sunday. I think I must have increased the mileage a little too much that week as I seemed to have pulled something in my hip-flexor region causing pain when sitting, standing, and walking.

So I had a full week off, and set out before everyone else was up on Christmas Day, for a short 3.5miler to test out my beautiful new shoes (a Christmas present to myself)

Mizuno Wave Rider 14 A/W 2011
Mizuno Wave Rider 14 A/W 2011

These shoes are exactly the same as my current pair, review of which can be read here, just in a new colour-scheme. I went for the 14s again as I know how they fit, how they feel, and how reliable they have been. Plus, as the 15s have now been released, these are last years model now and so half the price.

I was surprised at how much cushioning the old pair seem to have lost when compared directly to this brand new set of the same shoes. But I’ll be able to transition nicely to the new pair, wearing both in the coming weeks as I ease them in to avoid any risk of blisters.

I got a few nice running gifts for Christmas including: a couple of running hand-held bottles (I have no drinks bottles following our house-move), ‘What I talk about when I talk about running’, Amazon vouchers that I have used on a couple more books, oh and………….

entry to the 2012 Milton Keynes Marathon!!! Woohoo, that’s my spring marathon motivation all sorted then :-)

So I guess I better get some planning done. This morning I got up, raided the wifes supplies from the art room, and set out to make myself a training plan.

MK Marathon Training Plan. A Colour-Coded Thing of Beauty

I have used elements from a few sources to create my plan, and even though it is nicely colour-coded to highlight different sessions etc, it remains flexible. I have 122 days left until the race, and my plan basically fits in an easy run, a tempo run, a speed session, a parkrun(or easy session if tired) and the gradual build-up of my long run mileage. One thing I am definitely hoping for this time is to go further than the 19 miles I managed in VLM buildup.

I have started with the basis of a time-based plan from Mens Running Magazine, before moving on to the final 5 weeks of a half marathon plan in the run up to Silverstone. From hereon-in its thanks to Mr. Yelling and the MarathonTalk Competent marathon plan for the final 7 weeks.

I think it is a pretty well-balanced plan, although one thing I did notice after I had finished was a lack of hill sessions, I think I’ll be OK though, when I consider the area in which I run, I am never far from a hill, so not many sessions will be pan-flat anyway.

I am also hoping that the MarathonTalk Jantastic motivation challenge will get this plan off to a great start as I have stated that I will complete 5 runs per week for the whole of January.

I think it is mad, that just 12 short months ago, I was setting off on a marathon journey for the very first time chock-full of trepidation, and rightly so as it’s a bloody tough journey to take. At the end of it I was battered and bruised (emotionally not physically) and never wanted to run another step again. I am so pleased that now, 12 months later I am so very excited about the second marathon journey, I have a better understanding of what it will take, and what I will put into it, and I think that can only be for the better. I look forward to meeting all my twittery friends at Silverstone, and to sharing my progress with you all again. I reckon it’ll be a little more positive this time around!!!

As a final point, I would like to draw your attention to my Mums blog that she has started up in the last week. 2012 is a big birthday year for her, and as a result she has set herself a couple of challenges to complete – arguably the biggest of these is to complete the Vitruvian in September. So I suggest you go check out her blog, subscribe to it, and give her tonnes of support :-) She will also be doing MK Marathon with me!!

p.s: got a little New Years day surprise planned, but still not 100% sure how I am gonna do it – so I shan’t reveal until after it’s completed! I am excited, but also a little nervous.

bring on 2012!!!!!


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  1. Pronation happens when your ft roll in while you action. You will find a normal pronation volume of about 15% to get a nutritious gait but over-pronation is definitely the consequence of one’s feel rolling inwards greater than that.

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