Physio & Tweetup

Struggling this evening to come up with much to chat about for this weeks running. On the whole it was all fairly non-eventful and I managed to get all 5 jantastic runs in without any early morning escapades or major drama. Despite the first run of the week being an ‘easy’ 45 minutes – in which I successfully kept my HR rate to about 150bpm without falling to a walk – my legs (hip and calf) were giving me a lot of trouble.

So much so I deemed it necessary to contact the physio. I am very lucky that I have a physio at work who offers great rates (£25 to Joe Public) for an hours treatment. Will works for Pulse Sports Therapy, and hold a clinic at LSBU a few times a week. I’ve seen him in the past for my back and shoulders, but on Friday afternoon he absolutely went to town on my legs. As a result of tight quads/hip flexors he spent a good half hour or so with his knuckles buried in my quadriceps – and 48 hours later they are still slightly sore to the touch owing to the bruises :-) but they feel so much freer and running has subsequently felt far better. In addition he did a bit of work around my left calf/achiles area to try and ease the ache that I suffer there. I was afraid when he said the words ‘Shin Splints’ but no threat of less running (or no running) but instead he suggested some inflamation of the sheath that covers the bone. If anyone is ever in the Elephant & Castle area of London I whole-heartedly recommend Will at Pulse if you need any physio treatment.

Anyway, advert over, back to running:

Ironically, the 5 mile Tempo set on Thursday evening caused no issue whatsoever in the hip flexor region and the distance was covered comfortably.

But this week has all been leading up to the parkrun tweetup on Saturday at Banstead Woods. I don’t even particularly remember how it came to be, but fellow bloggers and tweeters Stephen, Zoe and Alma came upon a plan to meet up for a parkrun. It was a beautiful morning for it, even if a little chilly (thermometer at home suggested -4 when I woke up) Brrrr. And on arrival at the woods it wasn’t much warmer – didn’t help that a washing malfunction meant I had no running layers available, so it was shorts and t-shirt for me – better run quick.

In the end it was no PB for me, but Stephen got 1st in his age group, and I think Zoe & Alma were both pretty pleased with their times, especially having been a little nervous about the hill at halfway before the run.

Me, Zoe, Alma - notice the ones who wore appropriate clothing for the weather
Me, Zoe, Stephen

Arguably the best part was heading for a cup of coffee or two at the Mint in Banstead. It was great to wrap chilly hands around a hot cup of coffee and chat running with like minded souls.

Alma and I warming our chilly fingers

I’m looking forward to heading to Stephen & Zoe’s local parkrun in Bromley soon.

The training plan for this morning called for 8 miles, and after a bit of porridge whilst watching motd, I was out the door – slightly more appropriately dressed than yesterday. Another beautiful day for early January and I headed off through the countryside south of Reigate before looping up around and through town and back to home. Everything was lovely, and it’s a shame I don’t run with a camera because as I approached the windmill at the golf club it was pretty picturesque.

Week in numbers:
24.56 miles this week
54.28 miles this year
8:33 hours of running
35.5 donuts burned
100% Jantastic score
1924.65km remaining in 2012

Oh, and finally – in the first fortnight of January I have lost 3kg. And #plankaday is getting slightly easier :-) Times are listed on the right hand side, and are improving slowly. Not entirely convinced by the benefit they offer on their own, but I think I’ll persevere for now. Stephen does quite a few of the BodyBalance/Pump/Combat type things and speaks highly of them, might see if there are any local classes.


5 thoughts on “Physio & Tweetup

    1. Thanks Zoe, was good to meet you. Looking forward to coming over to Bromley some time soon! Legs are finally starting to look a little less green as the bruising is going down.

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