Bloggersphere, meet Eduardo

I left my last blog, feeling a mixture of emotions. Having started the running week feeling lethargic and generally rubbish, my final midweek run had me feeling generally better about the improvements I was making with a fast-paced tempo run.

Felt a bit ill on Friday afternoon, and parkrun seemed in doubt a little. But I arranged with Alma to get a lift to Banstead Woods if everything felt good, and I did, so off we headed.

It was a chilly morning, but not as frosty as it has been recently so the ground was still pretty soft and squidgy & I was pleased to have the trail shoes on. In packing all my stuff together though I managed to pack my heart rate strap but forgot my watch. So although I had Endo working away on my arm, I had no idea of time or heart rate exertion to go by. I was focused solely on the feeling that I had been running with on Thursday night and trying to replicate that leg speed as much as I could, knowing that 7:50 min/miles would put me up for a great time.

There was a pretty good turn out on the morning, including a whole group of kids from Oxted school with their coach. On the run I passed a couple who had clearly set off a little too quickly at the start. One was really struggling, almost crying with pain, and I got past him just before the halfway point where his coach was waiting. “I think I’m gonna be sick” he struggled to shout out, as quick as you like the coach shouted back “You’ll get over it!!”. Pretty sure parkrun don’t encourage quite such vociferous coaching, but I think the lad stuck it out anyway :-)

Anyway, I sucked it up. I felt good, I *Foosed my Legs* and I came in with yet another PB of 23:27. A total of 42 seconds off of my Banstead PB, and 9 seconds better than last weeks Crystal Palace effort.

Whilst waiting for Alma I came across this nifty trick on my phone, it’s the cameras ‘sport mode’ and it magically finds and tracks a moving object in the frame and keeps taking pictures as you pan along. How freakin’ cool :-)

Lots and lots of Almas :-)

Ma & Pa came to visit in the evening and we headed down to the local Frankie & Bennies eating establishment for a little pre-birthday dinner (that’s right, it’s my birthday soon, so I imagine the cheque is in the post). It was almost a perfect pre-longrun carbo loading meal. There was some protein in the form of steak strips, carbs in the form of penne pasta, calories in a bottle of beer, oh and about a tonne of cheese to weigh me down. I’m pretty sure that the pecan caramel cheescake was calorie free though, so that’s ok. :-)

It was lovely dinner, and finished off at home by being allowed to open my birthday present a smidge early so that Ma & Pa could enjoy my happy smily face when I opened the box containing Eduardo.

Eduardo - the Garmin Forerunner 305

When registering a device on the Garmin Training centre it asks for a device ‘nickname’ and given the demise that endomondo will now suffer I decided to go with Lyndseys pet name for Endo aka. endomondo. So fellow bloggers, please meet my new running buddy Eduardo, the Garmin Forerunner 305 (he will also be a cycling buddy as Ma & Pa’s super spending got me a bike speed & cadence sensor too).

Unable to resist the temptation, Eduardo came out with me on my twelve miles this morning. Now, I don’t hold him responsible, because even if I was using endo I’d still have gotten lost. Woops. I think I was expecting a proper t-junction to turn left at, but that never came, and I ended up about 2 miles further south than planned. But thanks to maps on my phone I eventually worked out where I was, altered my planned route and carried on enjoying the previously unexplored countryside. Somewhat annoyingly I ended up at the top of my road with 11.51mi written on Eduardos face, so I turned round and did an extra loop of the block, bringing me back to the house in exactly 12 miles at an average pace of 10:05.

All in all I felt really pretty good for the whole run. My heartrate kept pretty low and I was really happy with the pace I was achieving. Perhaps most importantly, I felt like I could carry on.

This afternoon the pre-birthday treats continued and the lovely wife made tasty dishes to savour for afternoon tea :-)

Cherry Pies & Custard Tarts

I can confirm that the cherry pie is incredible, and I am looking forward to custard tart after my dinner!! Yum!! Thank god I burnt 1500 calories this morning :-)

Week in numbers:
28.72 miles this week
109.05 miles this year
16.99 total hours of running
70.66 donuts burned
100% Jantastic score
1836.5km remaining in 2012

As an aside, plankaday this week has been completed, but is faltering. I am not seeing improvement. And I think I shall see out the month and then try a different tack. I’m thinking either plankeveryotherday, or perhaps give the hundred pushups / two hundred situps challenge(s) a go for the next six weeks. I’ll be pretty pleased to have managed a full month of plankaday, and the key thing is to change something if it ain’t working.

Until next week guys :-)


3 thoughts on “Bloggersphere, meet Eduardo

  1. you had plenty of time to play with the sport mode, having to wait for me to get to the finish! yay! the new garmin looks great, wishing you and Eduardo very many happy miles together

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