A quick update of an ‘easy’ week

It’s getting late, I am pretty tired, so this is basically going to be a quick recap of the week.

This week’s training was supposed to be ‘easy’ and I had planned a maximum of four runs, but heading into the week I had already decided to squeeze 5 in so that I could continue with my 100% Jantastic score into Febulous.

My birthday run on Tuesday was just a nice easy 30 minutes in which I achieved an average 9:30 min/mile whilst keeping HR nice and low too. I got a celebratory bag of chips for my birthday as a treat :-)

Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day, but in the name of Febulous I went for another easy run, this time though the pace was a little slower but it was another 3.5 miles registered.

Thursday was a speed session. I used the amazing ‘workout’ pages on garmin connect to program Eduardo with a warm up, then 3 sets of 5mins at 7-7:30min/mi pace with 5mins easy, followed by a cool down. Hitting the first interval, Eduardo kept shouting at me, I felt as though I couldn’t possibly break through 8 mins, despite feeling as though I was sprinting my little legs off. Perhaps due to a slight decline though I managed to average 7:43min/mile for that first sector, and was easing into the session a bit. In the end, the next two sectors averaged 7:23min/mile, so pretty much bang on target so that really pleased me.

My target long run for the week was just the 6.2 miles of a 10km race, but as reported yesterday this actually became more like a 6.9 mile run, with a few tough hills thrown in. All good fun though. It was a really cold morning, and had been beautiful clear skies, but returning home the sky had clouded over for the afternoon. There had never really felt like a threat of snow though, so I was really surprised at about 7 o’clock on Saturday evening to look out of the window to see a steady flow of snow piling up on the road and cars. It seemed to continue fairly relentlessly all evening, and when I awoke to see about 4 inches outside I thought any running may have been in jeopardy this morning.

But then I remembered just how fun it was last year getting out in the snow, and reminded myself that today was all about the easy run for my weekly total, rather than a training run with a specific goal. So with that in mind I layered up, donned my trail shoes and headed up the hill in the search of fresh powder.

I basically covered my three mile(ish) route, sticking primarily to footpaths. I found that the stuff that had been traversed the most was quite loose underfoot and a bit slippy. Running in the tracks left by cars was a little icy, but also a little uncomfortable on the harder surface in trail shoes. The best bit was laying down fresh tracks in the white powder – it gave a lovely crisp crunch under foot, but the movement allowed the shoes to bite just that little bit more and I felt far more stable there. The pace was almost pedestrian, and heading up the hill at the end pushed my heartrate up a bit, but overall it was a really nice way to finish off the ‘easy’ week that still included 5 runs totalling over 20 miles.

Training by numbers:
20.92 miles this week
129.97 miles this year
20.45 total hours of running
85.26 donuts burned
100% Febulous score
1802.8km remaining in 2012
1 diagnosed injury

I mentioned briefly yesterday the diagnosis of shin splints. This was a little concerning, giving the problem and actual name – especially one so feared by runners, but I have decided not to rest it too much. I figured that this is a pain I have had pretty much for 18 months or so, and hasn’t affected my running too much in the past. But I do intend to take a little more care of my leg, namely; compression, ice, and stretching. Also, found this awesome video for the curing of shin splints. It fixed this girls leg in two days :-)


2 thoughts on “A quick update of an ‘easy’ week

    1. They really are. Just looked back on stats and the largest monthly total I ever managed before was 83 last February. So my 112 in January this year is my farthest monthly mileage ever by 30 miles :-)

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