All in the name of Art

Back in the day when I was a bona-fidey arteest – a Photography Degree graduate – I wrote my disertation on what we can call art, specifically I wrote about images portraying death and whether we could classify them as artistic. Don’t worry, I am making a running relevant point here. I read a while ago about the concept of ‘running art’ or ‘run doodling’ and ever since have wanted to give it a go. But is it really art?

I think this is the guy who started it all off, Joseph Tame, perhaps most famous for being the first person ever to live stream the Tokyo marathon including video, mapping and heart rate data etc. He lives in Japan, and has done a lot of work in the areas recently affected by the Tsunami. Even if he didn’t come up with it, he has certainly gone to a lot of effort to create his run art. I’d encourage you to have a scroll through some more of his art on the link provided. Here are a couple of quick examples:

Hope, in Sendai

A tribute to Steve Jobs, who's technology is used to create the images

Here are a few from fitwithapurpose:

Fido the dog
Bucky Bucktooth

So yesterday the training plan called for an easy 50 minutes of so, and as I am off work this week I thought it might be nice to get some daylight running under my belt. I also thought that now was the time to give art running a try. I plotted my route online, and committed it to memory before heading out of the door. Sadly though, I obviously didn’t commit it well enough as the front leg portion went a little wonky.

Woof, Woof!!

I hadn’t thought of stopping the watch before heading to the next part which is why it is all a bit joined up, but I don’t know if Eduardo would just join the end and restarting points with a straight line which would be even worse.

This is how the doggy bit of the route was planned, you can see the front leg makes a little more sense this way. But nevermind hey, I like how it turned out anyway.

That looks better

I had great fun running around thinking about which part of the route I was currently on, even though I did get some funny looks from a few people I saw on a couple of occasions, I must have been running around looking like I was lost going backwards and forwards. As a result of having so much fun I managed to keep average pace fairly high (9:45 min/mile) whilst maintaining a planned low(ish) HR of 154bpm avg.

If you need to do a few miles of a nice easy recovery run, I can think of few better ways of doing it than to spend some time creating running art. Give it a go, it’s great fun, and I can’t wait to give it a try again!!!

The effort that goes into planning and executing the work can lead me to only one conclusion to the question originally raised, this is definitely Art, I might even work towards making some really good pictures worthy of printing out :-)


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