What a silly week of training

Being half term holidays, I thought it’d be nice to also have the week off work with the wifey to chill out together. Which it was. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to get some solid training miles in whilst the sun was actually shining. Which it kind of wasn’t.

The training started well, going slightly over the planned easy run by taking on some run art as blogged here on Tuesday morning, and following that I felt like I was on something of a running high to power me through the week.

But Wednesday came and went, and the urge to tackle my hill set never even materialised. Little did I know that this would have such detrimental effect on the remainder of the week. It did make the #fitteam12 challenge of Squats and Lunges a little easier on fresh legs.

So Thursday morning rolled round and I dragged myself out the door to complete 3 sets of 6 minutes hard up & down hills. Sweep forward a couple of days and I was listening to MarathonTalk on Long run today, and she said something really interesting:

The phrase “Killer Session” that many of us use implies a negative approach to a training session, and puts you in the wrong frame of mind before even starting. Instead, she calls them GOLD Sessions now, and has seen an improvement in motivation to undertake and complete the session.

Anywhoo – back to the timeline – and Friday rolled around, normally of course a rest day but as a result of resting on Wednesday I was set for a 5 mile steady run. But I ballsed that up a little, pace was quite steady at 8:45min/mi, but legs and HR felt more like I was giving it a tempo sesh, and rather than back off a bit I just got home feeling a bit knackered.

All this ended in a slightly disappointing trip to Banstead Woods on Saturday, setting off on the 2 laps on leaden legs. I thought I must have put weights in my shoes as I struggled to average 8 min/mi rather than targeted 7:30’s. I had thought about dropping out, but no point in that over a simple three miles having made the effort, so I thought I’d amble through and clock up another run statistic. At the final turn of the race, about 200m from the finish I could sense someone charging me down, catching at the foot of the hill. I put in enough of a surge to hold him behind me before hearing his footrate increase and get closer again. I tried so hard and pushed on again. At this point I heard the second person catching, and it was a really tough sprint over the last 25m or so to hold them both off. And I won the race for 42nd place. But couldn’t quite catch the block in 41st – Four runners separated by 2 seconds :-)

I actually just hover round race routes now

It did not bode well for this morning, fourth day in a run, and lacking a little in confidence following the leaden legs from yesterday, but the sun was shining on a glorious morning, and I was quite happy to head out the door. The biggest problem with todays run was simply that I got my layering a little wrong, fooled by the sunshine I took my sleeves of jacket to make a gilet, and suffered as a result in the strong headwinds in the second half of the run. LEgs felt good to start with, nice 9:15min/mi perhaps a little too quick, but comfortable. Once the hills kicked in though, it was another story and pace slowed.

Hills in 2nd half definitely affected the pace

It was tough work towards the end, and it’s a shame because I felt pretty good, but legs just weren’t having it. Still though, another 15 miles in the bank, and another 5 runs this week. It also dawned on me this morning that I have been so lucky really this year – running 5 times a week so far in 2012, not a single one has been in the rain so far. I even lucked out a little with the snow as it didn’t affect a long run as it occurred on my ‘easy week’. Such a difference to last years run up to VLM.

Training by numbers:
32.12 miles this week
191.6 miles this year
30.45 total hours of running
128.30 donuts burned
100% Febulous score
1702.7km remaining in 2012


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