Sunshine Award Meme

So I have been tagged in a blog by Cotswold Claire as a recipient of a Sunshine Award in her recent blog post “Sunshine Award Meme“. Firstly, thank you Claire, I am honoured to have been nominated :-) From here on in then I have to answer a few questions which will give you all a better idea about me as a person.

Favourite Colour
Well if the age old question of whether black is a colour or not is ever answered then maybe I would choose that. I am not sure that I have a particular favourite colour. My running gear offers no clues, most is the obligatory black, but everything else is generally whatever was cheapest. Sorry, that’s a bit of a fluffy answer, but I have no preference.

Favourite Animal
Oh, how could I choose? I grew up with dogs, and now my house plays host to a cat, a dragon, and a snake. No way I could decide between them, so have a picture of each:

Widget the cat
Tarquin the Corn Snake
Naboo the Bearded Dragon

Favourite Number
Again, I’m going to be very indecisive here. I’m not sure I have any. Obviously there are numbers that hold a meaning for whatever reason; birthdays, anniversaries, superstition. But I don’t have a set of lottery numbers on which I base my life. I guess my PIN is a pretty important number so I can buy loads of stuff :-)

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink
Coffee, I guess. I gave it up for a month before London Marathon, and it was TOUGH!!! Don’t think I’d do that again in a hurry. I have reduced my intake somewhat recently, but I couldn’t start the day with anything else!

Facebook of Twitter
Twitter. Without any doubt at all. Whilst I have accounts on both, Facebook is rarely updated except for the automatic sharing of blog posts and runs. Twitter is where it is at for me – a community of (mostly) unknown people who actually share common interest(s) that offers support, advise, & encouragement unlike that which I have ever experienced anywhere else. The twittersphere are a wonderful bunch of people!! I know my other half doesn’t understand the fascination with twitter, and to be honest when I signed up for it I wasn’t exactly sold on it, but the turning point for me came when I started interacting with fellow runners in the lead up to the London Marathon. Once you are dealing with a bunch of like-minded people, the concept of twitter becomes far more apparent.

My Passion
My wife will testify to the fact that everytime I get a new hobby I jump in with both feet and fully immerse myself in it. I generally then get bored and move on to the next thing. One really consistent thing in my life, as you may well guess by the subject of this ‘ere blog, is running. A while ago, I was asked what my dream job would be – without any hesitation I wanted to have the ability to run (like properly run, all effortlessly and professional like). To be the next Krupicka, Roes, or Jornet. Just a long distance runner, head in the clouds, feet on the mountain tops. To be at one with the world around me, and to run wherever, whenever I pleased. Lynds was amazed when I made such a declaration, and to be honest so was I.

Getting or Giving presents
It might sound greedy, but I love receiving presents. In some strange kind of retribution for this though, I hate being the center of attention, and do not like being singled out to receive gifts. The horrendous work based birthday gift giving is a prime example. The awkwardness when colleagues surround your desk for longer than everyone feels necessary while you open and read a card for which you feign surprise at having received. Awful! I like giving gifts too, but I find that I suffer from an inability to think of meaningful things, and so it is not always a pleasurable experience.

Favourite Pattern
I’m a bit of a nerd, so it may well be Fibonacci Sequence. Or the artist inside me appeals to the Golden Ratio.

Fibonacci Spiral

Favourite Day of the Week
Sundays: Long run days. Need I say more?

Favourite Flower
Uh-oh, I think the over-riding thing from this picture I am painting of myself is that I am so unable to choose things. I love that pungeant aroma of Stargazer Lilies, but basically anything that is in bloom is generally pretty nice.

What happens next?
If I’ve tagged you below then you are supposed to:

Thank the person who gave you the award
Write a post about it
Answer the questions
Pass it on to other bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know
Here’s my tags – blogs I enjoy reading, I look forward to finding out about you:

And the nominations are – My Mum, and her great blog documenting the challenges undertaken in the year of her 50th Birthday. – Rachel, great blogs which often consist of Lego too :-)


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