A severe case of Phantiggles

Oh crap, just minutes after the mammoth LSR of 22miles last Sunday it probably took about 30 seconds before the Phantiggles kicked in. That’s right – the Phantom Taper Niggles.

This week my knees, quads, calves, feet, shoulders, back, neck and brain have all been against me running at some point or other either individually or sometimes ganging up in twos or threes to really drag me down.

Starting the week hosting friends from ‘up north’ meant that I didn’t get out on Tuesday night, and it was Wednesday evening before I could be bothered really. I managed a nice comfortable 4.5miles in about 40 minutes – though I ballsed up a little as when I finished, rather than turning my watch off I just hit the stop button, at some point I then hit the start button again inadvertently. It was interesting to see how much roaming it suggests I was doing even though the watch was sat on the stairs. You can see what I mean on the player over at Garmin Connect

On Thursday I couldn’t even bring myself to write any thoughts or feedback on dailymile as my run was hideous. OK, so maybe that is a touch dramatic but the weather had been rather changeable all day – and I walked home in a storm of horrendous rain. So, I dressed accordingly – tights and jacket. By the end of the road it had stopped, the sun was shining and beautiful rainbows formed arches across the sky. I was so hot, and my legs felt rather leaden – so instead of a half planned fartlek type session I managed 3 and a bit miles in just under 30 minutes.

I did however, take this poor run to heart and decided to go out and smash it to smithereens on Saturday morning. With other little bits and pieces getting in the way on Saturday I couldn’t do parkrun, but I decided to head out for 5km from home and see what I could do. With the tempo pace of The Offspring in my ears I sprinted off into the distance determined to exorcise the demons of Thursday night. I managed a fairly consistent pace for 3.06 miles – so close to 5km dammit – but on a net downhill course in 22:02. A full 40seconds faster than my banstead woods parkrun PB. I felt great, my legs, feet and lungs felt brilliant too!

On Saturday afternoon I spent my time celebrating my little sisters wedding. We had a wonderful day.

(l-r) Lyndsey, Louise and I - all looking amazing I think

However whilst I wasn’t boozing particularly, I was also not hydrating with water very well and coupled with the late night, my proposed 10 miles in the morning was a no-go. I had not packed particularly warm attire, and only had t-shirt and shorts in which to face the gale force winds along the seafront. So I decided to forgo the run and reluctantly my first week of taper was a little less than planned with only 11 miles completed all week.

I will be stepping that up a bit this week with some more distance covered and some MP sessions and a number of stride efforts included.

Training by numbers:
11.45 miles this week
412.92 miles this year
64.85 total hours of running
284 donuts burned
1347.4km remaining in 2012
1,000,000 phantiggles (this may be a slight exaggeration)


One thought on “A severe case of Phantiggles

  1. really lovely photo! what a wally I am, asking if you wanted to do parkrun, totally forgot it was the wedding – doh! glad the day went well :)
    don’t worry about the phantiggles, you will be absolutely fine in the marathon, you have put in mega miles after all!

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