Taper Week Two & VLM

Feels like I’ve not really done very much at all this week, but the stats say I’ve knocked out just shy of 20 miles this week. That was made up a couple of midweek runs in the evenings and 9.8miles yesterday morning.

On the whole I have felt pretty good, excepting a very painful knee on Wednesday night which meant no running then.

Today though, has been all about the amazing people running the London Marathon. With the weather forecast picking up towards the end of the week I decided to head up to London town to watch everyone from 2:05 runners to fun runners take part and I had an amazing day cheering phenomenal athletes feeling only a little pang of jealousy that I hadn’t made the ballot for this year.

I don’t really have many words today, so here are some pictures from today.

Lead pack of Mens Wheelchair elites. Brit, David Weir went on to win.
Ladies Wheelchair winner (I think)
Mary Keitany - This pocket rocket ran past so quick on her way to winning
Wilson Kipsang - Close to the record, but got first place anyway!
When I saw this view in 2011 I was in agony, praying for the end. Today it was a true sight to behold!

I was lucky to meet Chris Brisley a fellow Strongman competitor, and I saw Alma at about 23.5 miles. But despite trying I failed to find Jo, Mel & Mel. I din’t see many runners I recognised other than the elites, but I tried my best to cheer a few who were struggling as people did for me last year.

In concerning news though, I did misplace my step on the stairs at Tower Bridge and went over on my ankle. It didn’t feel too bad at the time, but progressing through the afternoon and this evening after treating with some ice it feels tired, sore and maybe a little swolen. This is not positive news for next week but I reckon I’ll be fine. I’ll keep it mobile, and keep with RICE’ing!!

I’ll leave it here, because today is all about the VLM runners!! Well done to all of you! Amazing!!


9 thoughts on “Taper Week Two & VLM

  1. was great to see you! next week this time it will all be over for you too, apart from a little ‘most difficult obstacle course race in the world!’ your cheering team will be at various places in MK :)

  2. Eeeek. Hope your ankle holds up. I have decided to run in fancy dress so look for a crazy silver suited astronaut next week. Good luck with the last of the taper. I’m getting numb butterfly arms just thinking about it. What will you be wearing? Do you have any plans for afterwards? (would be lovely to meet up and compare notes)

    1. Thanks, I hope so too. Feels a little sore today, but will try a little run tomorrow!

      OK, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you then – what sort of pace you aiming for & what pen you starting in? I’ll be rather ominous all in black I think – starting in the back pen, but hoping for about 4-4:15. We’re hanging around till Monday so yeah if I see you I’ll definitely come say hi!!

    1. I’m really glad. I loved being there on Sunday – and I’ll definitely be entering the ballot for next year as me and VLM have got some unfinished business after my awful day there last year! Ankle feels better today so will go for a little run tonight & I am sure it’ll be OK!

  3. It was a truly amazing day and one I will never forget and will build on. Looking forward to the next one already!


      1. Went through the Ballot for New York but didn’t get in so need to have a re-think but will decide in the next day or 2. Like the sound of the Loch Ness in September! All the best for MK

  4. Great post, and fantastic photos. I looked in the crowd, but didn’t see you as I ran by! Haha! Hope you enjoyed spectating as much as I enjoyed running. My ballot entry is done for next year, so fingers crossed! I’ll definitely be spectating next year if I don’t get a place. It was such a fabulous day. Thanks for supporting all the runners!
    Hope you ran well yesterday and your naughty ankle behaved! Looking forward to seeing your post-race analysis!

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