#StrongmanRun – 2 Days to Go…

Just one & 1/2 working days till I head off to Stansted to fly to Germany and (at time of writing) 53:09:32 till the horn goes off to start the 2012 Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run. They’ve been posting tonnes of photographs on twitter, but because they use instagr.am which has recently been bought up by Facebook, surprisingly the pictures are actually quite difficult to share as they are only easily accessible on a mobile device. Bizarre I know, but I’ll post a few here – to see loads more head on over the twitter page.

The preview video for 2012 StrongmanRun

The final obstacle looming into the foreground. Only gotta do it twice

Looks easy enough when only one person is doing it!

I am not looking forward to seeing this barrier the first time!!

So, I better get some packing done – now where did I put my passport?!?!


5 thoughts on “#StrongmanRun – 2 Days to Go…

    1. It’s not looking promising – rain, wind and cold all forecast. Though it’s not like I’m not getting wetting and cold anyway :-) Sunday just showed that I can get through it if I try!!

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