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Something has come to mind recently having participated in the MK marathon last weekend and Strongman Run this weekend, and that is the exorbitant cost of event photos.

This comes from a photography degree student, who gets very annoyed when people gasp at the cost of wedding photographers because they fail to realise just how much time goes into the photographing, editing and archiving the images from ‘a single’ day that takes photographers a week.

As an idea, marathonfoto who generally provide images for big events such as the London Marathon & Silverstone Half offer all my images as a digital download for £54.95. For an extra fiver I can get 8 ‘publicity’ shots of some crowds and the male & female race winners.

Last weekend’s photography was provided by marathon-photos who provide all downloads for £29.99.

Some local events are covered by sussex sports photography where you can download all images for £39.99 – though for some events I have done locally, instead of a medal you can get a download of all your images for free, which is pretty ace!

Now, on Saturday in Germany there were photographers all over the place from sportograf – often 2 or three at each obstacle. Trillions (maybe a slight exaggeration) of pictures were taken of almost 10000 competitors. They have the facility to search based on each individual obstacle (and by the time of day at that obstacle) – they even offer the opportunity to upload your garmin data, then the only pictures shown are those where your location at the given time suggest you should actually be in the picture (not tried this though as I didn’t have my garmin on for the race). For the price of €19.99 (currently about £16) you get all images that they assign to your race number as a download, but then you can search the unknown database and add others for free (so far I’ve managed to find an extra four of me after a 10 minute search), in addition you also get the ‘impressions’ package which for this event is an extra 20 images to give an idea of the obstacles and scale of the event etc. All for £16!!

I appreciate time is money and all that, but like I say – there were tonnes of photographers at the Nurburgring and the reason that they will get paid is that they charge a sensible amount of money in order to sell more sets of the image downloads. Surely this makes sense, but the UK based marathonfoto and marathon-photos just seem too greedy to acknowledge this fact and as such I shall be buying my images from Germany, and not those from MK (even if it is a good picture of me finishing there!!)


7 thoughts on “Event Photography Sites

  1. Wow that is an amazing service. Super impressive and I hope it catches on here. It would definitely work for the big events for sure. We can wish!!

    1. yes, I probably won’t hold my breath for it coming over here, but I am super impressed by the service offered over there – German efficiency at work!! I will hopefully get Strongman post up tonight, just waiting for our official photos from the PR company.

  2. Hey man – great post!

    If you’re lucky an amateur photographer will come to the race and take a few snaps – they often upload these to their flickr accounts and ask for nothing in return but acknowledgement that they took the snap.

    I’ve bought images from sussex sports photography in the past as they have taken some awesome snaps of a couple of races I did well in. Nonetheless, the price did leave a little to be desired.

    I figure it’s all supply and demand as to how good of a service is provided. The Garmin technology sounds great, but many of the UK sites are a little better at pinpointing your photos as you can search by bib number and not approx time of passing (which I guess requires a little more “manpower”)

    Any how, all in all, let’s hope the price is reduced soon, so we call all hang our photo’s proudly on the wall and not worry about our wallets taking a pounding!

    1. The German site provides the ‘bib-number’ shots, the Garmin upload and search by timestamp helps you find more pictures of yourself where the bib number is not clear enough to be identified.

  3. trust the Germans to be that efficient! totally agree with you though, if these guys would just charge a more realistic price, they would sell so many more photos!

  4. I did feel nauseated at the cost of marathonfoto’s VLM pics, but when it might be the only London Marathon I ever do, I ‘treated’ myself to the CD package and the photo medal frame. Ludicrously expensive, but I justified it by the amount of money I’ve saved in the last 4 months by spending so much time running, and so little time eating and drinking fine food and wine, and going on weekends away!
    Let’s get the Germans over here! Sounds far more sensible to bring the prices down to cater for the masses and sell more pics!

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