Making Progression

I think, now that the major challenges are done for now, it’s time to have a quick look back and see where I’ve come from. This is probably a useful thing to do just so that I can take stock of what I have achieved so far, and how I have improved my health an fitness.

I guess I should warn you now to avert your eyes if you are of a sensitive disposition – there are a couple of full-body pics coming up soon.

This isn’t an entirely accurate history of my progression, as the ‘before’ pictures come from my build up to the VLM taken at Christmas 2010. I was definitely fairly heavy then, but I suspect I may actually have been heavier at Christmas 2011 when I started with a proper desire to get fit. At the time though I was pretty miserable about it so didn’t really want any pictures taken. I think we still get a good idea of progession though, and from now on I will try to take more pictures more regularly now.

So… here goes. The ‘before’ pictures are from December 2010, the ‘after’ were taken last night (11/05/12)

Before After

What I have managed to keep track of a little more this year has been my weight and measurements. On 1st January 2012 I weighed in at a whopping 78kg. In just 4 short months I have dropped to just over 71kg, that is a loss of almost exactly a stone for those of you who speak in old money!

February May Difference
Chest 39″ 39″ -0″
Waist 36.5″ 34″ -2.5″
Bum 40.25″ 38.75″ -2.5″
Thighs 23.5″ 22.5″ -1″
Calves(l/r) 15″/15.5″ 14.75″/15″ -0.75″

What that means is that along with the weight loss I have lost very nearly 7 inches in total from my body. It’s funny because Lynds keeps saying that I was getting ‘too’ skinny, and looking down I couldn’t see it really as I can still get a hold of the belly flab (though not so much as before). Looking at the pics from the side and comparing the measurements has really bought it home to me just how much I have moved on over the last 5 months and certainly in fitness terms over the last couple of years. Maybe the ‘couch potato’ tagline in my strongmanrun press release in the local paper was a little more accurate than I had wanted to admit previously!

Anyway, I am still not where I want to be, but with these pictures and measurements in mind I have something a little more tangible of where I am at, and with my running back on track and a couple of core conditioning workouts every week I am sure that I’ll continue seeing progress and I look forward to updating you all – if you can handle any more pics.

The worst thing about all this is that I need to be able to afford some more trousers – off for a trip to the chazzer’s :-)


7 thoughts on “Making Progression

  1. Fantastic post Chris, really inspiring stuff! It’s great that you posted the pics, because I think you see a bigger difference than the weight loss and perhaps even the measurements convey – probably because you’ve lost fat and gained muscle. Looking great – congratulations! So glad my blog helped. Julia x

    1. Thanks Carla, they were a little dated so perhaps not the most accurate picture of where I was really ‘starting’ from. But now I have some accountability and I’ll do some more at slightly stricter intervals!

  2. Hey Chris! Good post – 7kg in 4 months! That’s brilliant. I’ve managed to lose about 27lbs in 4 years with all of my training (mainly for marathons) and lost 10% body fat. New trousers and new everything were needed! Keep on going and you’ll get your target. I ended up not even really trying and losing weight. Have you considered fasting from alcohol for any set amount of time ? (weeks, months, forever?) it can really aid weight loss x

    1. Thank Lorn, I have considered it but the wife isn’t keen on an alcohol free zone :-) I’m pretty happy with weight now I think, somewhere 70-72kg is probably pretty healthy for my height. Just a switch in fat-muscle % is the target I think now. My running is getting better/more consistent, and have started more of a core & conditioning circuit too.

  3. core and conditioning will help. And each to their own re alcohol – I just know from my own situation and my brothers (alcohol really affects his weight – he stops if for a month at a time and his weight drops dramatically, then it goes up again when he drinks!)… I understand that it (even just in little bits) can be a big part of life for many. You sound like you are doing well anyway x :-)

    1. In all honesty, I maybe have (at absolute most) about 3 pints in any given month, so I don’t know how much difference it would make, though I appreciate it would make some. I think more key for me would be to try and sort out food intake better with a little more thought!

      Thanks for your comments :-)

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