Oh poop, not in the mood to write much today – I am busted!! Small problem for a runner – this afternoon I’ve struggled to put weight on my knee and shuffling round the house has been mighty uncomfortable!

Simply put my knee is f**ked, and although I am actually pleased with completing 9.5 miles this evening in pretty consitent splits.


My pain seems fairly centralised on the inside top of knee with a little pain to the touch on the top of kneecap – not really sure what to take from that picture :-) Pain seems worse with contraction of Quad muscle.

Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation has been the order of the afternoon aided by a heavy dosh of NSAIDs.

I’ll blog again when I’m a little less miserable!

13 thoughts on “Broke

    1. to start with it was just a bit uncomfortable, it was the downhill section in last couple of miles that absolutely destroyed the knee! :-( Resting now, but this beautiful weather is making me very sad!

    1. hmmm. well I know the reliance on NSAIDs for some runners during long runs can be really rather unsafe. I have been prescribed some hefty NSAIDs this week to take swelling out of my calf which exploded earlier in the week. It turned out to be a fairly deep seated muscle pull. The swelling went down rapidly, which meant that I could get to the masseuse to ease out the muscular issue. Straight off them again after that. I would say they have their place – but reliance on them to stop pain is probably the real issue.

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