Cotswold Claire writes some brilliant poetry – Follow her on twitter and she’ll even write a custom one for you :-)

I saw this poem this morning and thought it was brilliant. Enjoy!!


There is many a time when I ask myself why? Why do I run?

I run to keep fit surely that’s it, yes that’s why I run, I run to keep fit

I run because that is what I do, we all do something, dont we? Don’t you?

I run because it makes me me,  if I wasn’t a runner what else would I be?

I run because it helped me  lose weight, I shed the pounds and I felt great

I run because I can do it for free, on open roads and cross country

I run to de-stress and come down from the day,  pounding it out as it all fades away

I run for the challenge and running challenges me, trying each race to get a PB

and finally I ask myself why? why do I run?

Because hard or easy its fantastic and its fun!!


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