Juneathon 2012

OK, so I finally bit the bullet, and after becoming vaguely aware of ‘Juneathon’ last year, following ‘Janathon’ a little more this year – I have finally decided to sign up to the challenge of Juneathon 2012.

So I guess I need to start on June 1st 2012 with a little hello to any new blog readers who come to me from the Juneathon website. For details of why my blog is called what it’s called you probably need to head all the way back to my first post – in a nutshell I am a runner, I started my blog to track VLM2011 training and I wanted to do it justice and do what all runners seem to do – eat a banana. It was the first major step on my journey as I spent 26 years absolutely hating the taste, smell, and feel of bananas. I love them now!!

And for any of my regular readers who don’t know what Juneathon is all about I urge you to check out all the details on the website but the fundamental ethos is a simple one.

Jog it, Log it, Blog it

Those keen-eyed among you may notice my previous post about having been busted in the knee department, and to be honest I am still not running on my knee. The last 24 hours or so seem to have seen a little revival maybe, so my spirits are lifting just a touch, but it’ll still be a few days before I go for a run.

However, I was damaged a fortnight ago, and have used it as an excuse to barely move. Late last night I decided enough was enough, and as juneathon (despite it’s ethos) does not HAVE to be a run, I can use it as motivation to do something active everyday.

I should be running pretty soon I would hope – of not by the end of the month then I will probably cry. I am also signed up for the longest day run, having been a huge supporter of the event since it’s founding days, and whilst I have almost come to terms with idea that I may not be able to do my extravagant plans, if I can’t do anything at all I will be distraught!! In the meantime though I think I’ll be looking at getting my bike sorted and set up on the turbo trainer to see if that helps with cardio and doesn’t affect my knee negatively. In addition I’ll work on some core strength stuff and maybe give pilates or yoga a whirl to help out with some flexibility and toning.

Aside from the longest day run, I also signed up for a little 5km PB setting twitter challenge of reaching sub 22 at a parkrun by the end of first week of July. If i’m up and running before then, then I reckon that will still be on, but I’ll have to be flexible with that. Then at the end of July I’ll be doing the thunder run, and I simply have no choice but to be fit for that!!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by if you’re a new reader – and of course if you are an old one too! I hope I can think of some good blogs to keep you interested for the whole of June, and for today I shall think about what I’ll do this evening for my first activity! Until then, adieu


6 thoughts on “Juneathon 2012

    1. :-) I’m still not sure – the hours are running out already. Maybe a nice easy stretchy yoga type thing this evening to wind down after a stressful week.

    1. Yes, that is definitely in my thinking as it’s a little shorter than previous planned activity, but still a fairly awesome challenge! Are you doing it?

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