Juneathon day nummer zwei

Hey guys, so two days in and I am still on track for 100% Juneathon participation. That’s good, right?!? :-)

And on day number two I decided to go a little more tempo and spent some time getting the bike set up and ready to go on the turbo trainer. It’s been at least 18months I’d have thought since I last went on the bike, and I thought that maybe it would be easy on the knee.

Red Wheeled Behemoth

I had great fun changing the road tyre of the back wheel and replacing it with the red one you see in the picture. It’s a special turbo-trainer tyre which has a compound which doesn’t degrade so much from the heat generated on the roller and reduces noise – which is nice because the horrible squeaky noise that regular tyres make is almost as horrendous as nails on a chalkboard.

The trainer that I have is the Tacx Sirius. It was reasonably priced when I bought it a couple of years ago and seems a good quality, sturdy bit of kit.

When I got my garmin for my birthday I was fortunate enough that my Ma & Pa did some excellent shopping around and sourced one with a cadence sensor. Happily, even the battery inside was still working, so I paired it with the magnets from my cateye which worked seamlessly and set Eduardo to work on tracking my ride. I took it nice and easy, and although my knee felt a little sore over the first mile or so, I really felt it easing into the ride.

My bum on the other hand wasn’t so happy having spent so long not in the saddle! In the end I managed a very respectable 5.5 miles in just less than 22 minutes, and I write this now 4 hours later with no lingering after-effects of pushing it too much. So my Juneathon total can start creeping upwards, but sadly it doesn’t count towards my 2012km in 2012 as that is a purely running challenge.

I decided that I might keep visual track of my courgettes as they grow during Juneathon. Lots of people seem to have their ‘thing’ for Juneathon, and I was amazed that having planted them just last weekend they are already looking awesome. So here is instalment number 1 in courgette-watch

Courgette Watch – Look at my babies grow

Juneathon Totals:
5.5 miles


6 thoughts on “Juneathon day nummer zwei

    1. Well, the salad seedlings seems to have been destroyed, but these fellas are doing well. The Squash hasn’t shown any sign of sprouting yet!

      Knee still feels pretty good, might get some freezer peas out tho just in case :-)

  1. Great bike! the rest of the technical stuff went over my head LOL
    love it – courgette watch.. are we invited round for the eating of said courgettes?

    1. If the slugs don’t get them, and I manage to actually cultivate something, then absolutely :-)

      The bike is cheap and chearful and as such it weighs an absolute ton! Great when going downhill – not so lovely trying to get it up a hill!!

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