Juneathon day numéro trois

And on the Sunday, Jeebus said let there be resting! (or something along those lines)

Sod that, in Juneathon there can be no resting. So todays effort was all about the Yoga again. I did the same DVD, but now I know the blurb and preamble I skipped through that and did the ‘practice’ in about 42 minutes.

Prior to that though I knocked out a bit of a weight session in 30 minutes. It was taken from an old article by Jo Pavey in the Guardian. The first exercise; side plank raising a leg, was enough to very nearly give up before I’d even started. Man that is tough!


Everything else, though, seemed to go off without a hitch. Knee continues to feel strong and I feel nice and stretchy after yoga. Will hop back on the bike tomorrow I think, though might have to take some visual stimulation into the garage though as it’s pretty mind numbing turning my legs over with nothing but a garage door to look at.

Not much else done today really except for cooking a truely delicious fish pie.

Courgette Watch is back – the rain really did it good last night. The rain did not do our bedroom carpets and curtain much good as we’ve had the window fairly wide open during the heatwave. Woops

Courgette Watch

Juneathon Totals:
5.5 miles


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