Juneathon day nommer vyf

Thanks to Betty, many of us were able to enjoy a super long weekend in order to celebrate 60 years since her Dad died. The TV has been awash with union jacks and all manner of parades and sing-a-longs, and it just wouldn’t have been right if I didn’t join in the festivities in some small way.

Enter, beautiful new shoes:


I just couldn’t help myself, I simply had to take the opportunity to try my knee and I was craving a run in my Brooks Green Silence. I planned a very short jaunt, and managed to knock out 1.5miles at about 10min/mile.

I was pleased, on the whole my knee felt OK, though a little sore past the mile mark. I finally bought a tubigrip today and having had it on all afternoon I seem to be suffering no lingering after effects.

I won’t be off out for a run for a few more days at least, but I have a doc’s appointment on Thursday morning to discuss it and hopefully get referred to a physio.

It was a nice morning for a run, but it’s been peeing it down all afternoon, so my trip out for Courgette Watch was a wet one.

Courgette Watch – grow my beauties, grow

Even more exciting, are the Squash, which I thought was not gonna do anything at all is also started to peek it’s little head out too!!

Look at the teeny green bit in the middle. Bring on the Squash

In fact, it’s all go in the garden as the lilies are blossoming in the pond too!

Water Lilies

Juneathon Totals:
14.6 miles
3 hours 10 minutes

Now off to make some tea before our group chat, planning for our trip to the Thunder Run!! :-) I better be running by then!!!!


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