Juneathon day rhif saith

Wow, so the 1 week anniversary of the commencement of Juneathon and motivation is at an all time low today.

Had appointment with doctor this morning (how can the doc be running late when I am the first appointment of the day?!?) It was not all bad news, but the doc could definitely make out some swelling below my kneecap which I hadn’t really been able to see owing to the angle of my Point of view on the knee. So he prodded it a bit, put knee under a little tension from either and side – and wouldn’t you know, barely any sodding pain at all.

On a positive note he has promised to refer me to the ‘Knee Unit’ for an MRI and/or physio treatment. His best bet was 4-8 weeks! I better be bloody fixed before then!!!!

He did say though, that Running wasn’t totally out of the question, just that I need to tone it down and be aware of any issues.

I trotted off to work fairly happy with the outcome. And guess what, it’s been bugging me pretty much all afternoon. So I was sat at the train station half way through my journey home and really couldn’t be bothered with any Juneathon activity today. In fact, having dinner on the table almost as soon as I walked in the door didn’t help either.

I am afraid I have literally just resorted to probably the minimum Juneathon activity. I knocked out a plank, and then one on each side. Managed about 2.5 minutes all together. I followed that with a few leg exercises recommended to me by Dan over on twitter. They were hard work, but he reckons they’ll find and remedy some imbalances.

So I am afraid that’s about 6 minutes of activity in total today! :-(

Juneathon Totals:
14.6 miles
3 hours 48 minutes


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