Juneathon day nummer åtta

Time at last to get another little run under my belt for Juneathon – sad that it’s only my second run!

My knee seems to go from good, to bad, and back to good again at random intervals throughout the day. For much of the day it felt a little sore, but walking home after an absolute nightmare train journey home, it felt pretty good and I confirmed with myself that I would get out for a little run.

I was recently refered to a blog post by Jerry Armstrong on Common Running Injuries, and he talks about a knee brace made from the leg of a pair of tights. So I raided the wife’s wardrobe and made me one. Returning from the run I suspect it was a little tight, but can loosen it for next time.

On the whole my knee felt better for longer on the run (or dare I say, jog), but started to tighten a little at about halfway. It was never painful, instead just uncomfortable. I have sat this evening with a bag of peas, but only really a a precaution than simply that it has been particularly painful.

Courgette Watch, Day 8 – I need to think about splitting these guys up
Squash Watch – Just the one from four that were planted

Juneathon Totals:
16.4 miles
4.2 hours


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