Juneathon day số chín

Day 9 is a very happy Juneathon day in this house :-)

I had a productive morning with the missus as we headed out to have a snoop around a house or two, and found one we really like. Now it’s a case of trying to work out some sums and see how/when we can afford to move for the new job.

Before I knew it though, time seemed to have disappeared and I had no idea what I was going to do for Juneathon today – I decided, almost recklessly, to head out for a single solitary mile whilst the dinner cooked. What harm could it do?

Well, so far, zero trouble at all :-) as I knocked out a super duper quick 1.2 miles in a fraction over 10 minutes, I just felt myself getting quicker and quicker as my legs got carried away under me. Couldn’t go any further as I knew dinner was on it’s way – but my knee felt just fine and I wish I could have kept going really. I’ll try not to get too carried away with it, but I’m pretty pleased tonight :-)

I had a brainwave and altered my knee brace a little from last night, and I think it worked much better.

Knee Brace Mk.I

So version number one is made as per the instructions on Jerry Armstrongs blog, using the leg of a pair of tights. Whilst I thought it worked, ‘tights’ was probably an apt word as I think the diameter of the resulting device meant it dug in to the base of my knee a little too much.

Knee Brace – Mk.II

Version two is made from an offcut of the tubigrip that I purchased last week to support my knee. It was about 8-10″ in length and when rolled up the support remains nice an stretchy but also it is far wider and flatter, offering a nice supportive hold around the base of the kneecap. When running at pace (it’s all relative) I felt that the support held its position nicely – and I don’t know whether it can be held reponsible for the joy of my run, but I reckon it certainly helped.

The worst thing about tonights run was that it finished, and that it hasn’t added as much to my Juneathon total exercise time as I thought it might when I headed out the door ;-)

Juneathon Totals:
17.6 miles
4.4 hours


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