Juneathon day номер десять

Woop Woop. I don’t remember the last time I ran three days in a row, but unsure of what I fancied doing for Juneathon today I decided to head out for another little run.

I am still keeping it nice and easy, but also enjoying my lovely lightweight shoes. On the whole my knee felt no worse than mild discomfort, so I am really pleased about that. I decided to run for a third time safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be doing anything more strenuous than a bit of yoga tomorrow after work.

I don’t know if housework counts for Juneathon, but I had a fair panic this morning at the state of the house for Mum and Dad to visit after Mum did her June challenge of the 1500m open water swim at Dorney Lake this morning.

It was nice for Mum and Dad to visit for a catch up and cup of tea. Afterwards I could feel energy sapping, so before I cooked dinner I decided to head out on the run with a fairly flexible view as to how far I would go.

Sorry, no courgette watch today – they are doing well, but I think I am going to split them into seperate tubs pretty soon as they’re a bit close together at the moment.

Juneathon Totals:
20.1 miles
4.8 hours


8 thoughts on “Juneathon day номер десять

  1. Well done to your mum, I couldn’t do that! Running a few days in a row is hard – I’ve had foot pain so I’ve only done little runs, but my legs have felt it!

    1. At the minute I don’t know – It was supposed to be an epic 48 miles. But now I’ll be lucky if it’s 10. I am hoping to do the Longest parkrun on the Sunday which is 21 miles though. Fingers crossed I’ll be fit enough for that.

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