Juneathon day jedenaście numer

Just a quickie, not sure if it counts – but my activity today has been foam rollering. Knee is sore today – definitely over-exerted myself over the weekend. So I decided to see if the roller offered any respite.

Perhaps not surprisingly it hurt like hell. A little over the ITB, but mainly over the quads and medial side of leg. I also enlisted the help of a couple of tennis balls on the end of quadricep tendons and a little easing out of the calf muscles.

It was pretty painful stuff, but afterwards I was able to stretch quads far more than in recent weeks with considerably less pain.

So this is very much something I need to do more of. I think I need to make a consistent plan to attack the limbs with roller at least every day if not more than once!

Shattered – so off to find something to read I think!


7 thoughts on “Juneathon day jedenaście numer

  1. as we say in Afrikaans, ‘Eina!’ (ouch) take it easy, we need you for TR 24 :)
    when do you start the new job?

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