Juneathon day kopurua hamalau

…. and finally I’ve caught up with the natural order of time, and I’m blogging about the right day. It is also a momentous occasion on the blog, as this is post number 100!! yay, happy birthday to the blog! :-)

It was a tough start to the day as I woke and remembered that I could have no coffee, and no breakfast as I was due at the docs for fasting blood tests. Apparently trying to rule out a few things the doc wan’t to check for anaemia and liver & kidney function. By the time I was done, I was absolutely blooming starving, but had to dash for the train, so it was at East Croydon before I could satiate my thirst and hunger with coffee and bacon.

So I decided to go for a little run this evening. I got home and kitted up, and headed out the door. Down the hill, my knee felt pretty good and I was happy. I was flexible with how far I was going to go and judged it on any pain. After a mile and a half or so I felt a slight discomfort creep in, but I decided to try and really focus on my form. I ran as tall as I could, opened my chest up, shoulders back, tried to keep hips in neutral and felt it working as my glutes were definitly firing more than I would normally experience. In fact, this focus meant that my running felt smooth, and entirely pain free. I ended up not taking a cut back home and went for what turned out to be about a 3.5 mile loop.

The issue was though, that my knee seemingly only wanted to do 3, because almost as soon as the watch beeped to bring up the mile, my knee has given up and was hurting. I stopped to stretch and it helped a little for a brief moment but a walked the last bit back to the house.

Strangely, I was able to run upstairs when I got back, but I’m back with the peas on my knee now. Oh well, it’s micoach flexibility again tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll ease out some issues again.

Juneathon Totals:
31.5 miles
6.5 hours


7 thoughts on “Juneathon day kopurua hamalau

    1. It felt great – certainly for my knee at least, my glutes were tired. But it didn’t hold out for whole run. I might have to *whispers* drop out of Juneathon to focus on rest!!

  1. Congrats on your 100th post!
    You could run alternate days to give your knee some rest time and do strength Exercises on the other day. Squats to strengthen the Glutes!!

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