Juneathon day bilang disisyete

So those beady-eyed amongst you will notice a glaring omission in the blogosphere from yesterday – or rather that I did not blog yesterday. The reason for that though, is a simple one – I didn’t do anything, so I didn’t blog anything. I guess I have officially failed Juneathon 2012. Though I did make it (somewhat tenuously) to the halfway stage, so I am happy about that.

Today has been a polar opposite on the activity scale. It was a slow start to the day as I was drawn into the live coverage of the Le Mans 24 hour race. This was the most spectacular highlight I came across. How the hell does Anthony Davidson get out of that car with just two broken vertebrae?

Anywhoo, eventually I dragged myself away, and whilst the sky out the front windows had looked dark and looming, in the back garden it was a lovely sunny day. I got the mower out and did a hell of of a lot of pulling dead and dying things out of the ground. After a spot of lunch I did the same thing out the front. All in all I spent about 4.5 hours doing stuff outside, which was nice.

Yesterday evening I had sat on the sofa, and having googled the ‘knee’ reflex spot on the foot, spent about 20 minutes rubbing and prodding it. This morning my knee felt loads better than it had done yesterday. In fact after all the gardening today it still felt good, and I couldn’t resist the urge to just pop out for a quickie.

So I donned t-shirt and shorts, pulled on my trainers and fired up Eduardo. I ran 1.13miles in 10:28. and I felt pretty darn good!! :-) hooray.

Oh, and in moving stuff around the garden I finally shuffled the courgettes around, putting 2 of the shoots in the ‘herb garden’ and leaving the biggest, strongest looking one in the tub.

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Juneathon Totals:
32.6 miles
6.7 hours


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