It’s all changed

Wow, so it’s been quite some time since my last blog post, and a lot has changed since then too.

Where to start?
OK, well a fortnight ago I decided it had been too long since I was last in the woods and so I headed over to Banstead for a final hurrah before all the changing due to take place. As it turned out, all my 10km training really paid off and I took almost 20 seconds off my PB, lowering it to 22:26. It’s an ‘undulating’ route, but I am not convinced my sub 21 dream is still on for this year!?

PB Hunting

So, the following week, after a stressful period of packing and cleaning, the removal van turned up bright and early on Saturday morning and started unloading the garage into the back of it. For a little while I wasn’t sure it would all fit in, but those guys were magicians and pretty much all our stuff was in the van in one go.

So we’ve moved, from the bustling hub (hahaha) of Redhill, to the quiet village of Cranleigh in the middle of nowhere.

And I’ve gone from commuting an hour each way to this:

Elephant & Castle

… to a 10 minute (on a bad day) commute to this:

Hurtwood House School

And this is the view from my office:

B E A Utiful!

In the week running up to the move there was ironically zero running for me. I was struggling to fuel and hydrate properly during odd, long days at work and so it was 8 long days without putting my trainers on. Probably not the best time in my training to have dropped down to zero.

But with the new commute, I have also had the opportunity to run home on a couple of nights. The road (with minimal footpaths, if any) is about 4.5 miles, but right from the front door of the school there are a multitude of paths to be explored (and get lost on). The school is about 700 feet higher than the house, so there has been a lot of downhill beasting my quads this week! I really need to re-acquaint myself with the Grid.

On Saturday morning I headed out to the expansive playing fields, hoping that a painted track was still on the grass, but sadly it was not to be, so I attempted my magic mile by running around three rugby pitches that had been set out. I had tried to set up the workout on Garmin connect, but I keep having issues with connecting to the laptop and so it didn’t work. I had planned to set the pace at 6:40-7min/mi hoping that the annoying beeping as I struggled to hit the pace would spur me on. As it was, I just went for it from the start, hung on for dear life – dragging my carcus to the mile mark in exactly 6 minutes and 20 seconds. I was absolutely buzzing, and so pleased that I had taken 2 minutes and 6 seconds off of my mile time from last year!! Awesome.

And finally, just about caught up now, I set out hoping for 12miles as per my plan. I decided that the Downs Link (Connects NDW at St Marthas to the SDW in Steyning) looked quite nice so set out from the door. A mile from home, enjoying a lovely run in the sun, I came across what I can only assume was a water leak somewhere as I was ankle deep in water. With no sign of the path drying, I was forced off my planned route and thrown into a bit of a quandary.


I found some bridalways and footpaths, but also ended up on quite a few roads too, but it was a glorious morning for a lovely run. I did have very wet feet though, and in shoes that are past their best anyway I was a little concerned about any damage I might have been doing to my feet, so when I was a little closer to home than I thought I might have been I decided to add a little loop to get me over 10 miles, but couldn’t really be bothered to hit the 12 I was originally targeting.

So, I have just one week to go before the Crawley 10km race. Sub 45 might be pushing it a little, but definitely on to smash the PB no matter what. I’ve also spent the weekend trying to plot my next training plan as I’ve signed up for first ever Ultra Marathon – the Hardmoors 30 in Whitby on New Years Day :-) #bringiton


9 thoughts on “It’s all changed

  1. Moving house is a curse at the time, but often a godsend afterwards. We moved closer to work in July. I didn’t train for about 2 weeks during the stress of moving, but now I’m closer to work, have more time at home and more time for training, which in the long term is fantastic. I’m feeling the view from your office! Awesome stuff! I’m surprised you manage to get any work done though! Good luck for your race next week :-)

    1. :-) I’m not new to this moving malarky, but it sure is stressful everytime! It’s not a bad view at all is it!?!

      I’ve been truely thrown in at the deep end, so not much time to admire it just yet.

      Hopefully I’ll blog a little more frequently now all has settled down, so you’ll hear all about the race next week!

  2. great photo at the parkrun :) glad the move went well, it looks really lovely where you are now.. so you have gone and done it and entered the ultra! Good luck, with all the training, just let us know if you need any seconding on any of your training runs!

    1. Yeah, it’s a good pic :-)

      It went much better than I thought, so I am pleased about that!!

      I certainly have. Training starts straight after 10km this weekend.

      Thankfully it is pretty much just a marathon plan with a long run of 25 miles.

    1. Oh yes. There are one or two around. And I am so close to the start of NDW so I can hit the start of that without too much bother too :-) I just need some decent trail shoes now!!

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