Oh boy, oh boy – The Hurt, it hurt!!

So, Ultra Training is going well, and week two sees an incremental increase in total mileage – pretty much (ish) inline with the 10% rule (but only a little over) (honest).

I had a similar start to the week as last week, with a nice 4 miles easy trail running home, and a longer 7 mile run home via the hill down to Peaslake before coming back over the top and down the other side.

On Thursday, my new beauties finally turned up!! And I ran 5 nice steady miles home over some new roads and smidge of trail (didn’t want to get my new blue shoes dirty)

Salomon XR Crossmax – in beautiful blue

I also took delivery of some new undershorts from Nike, a big box of energy gels, and a new waterproof running jacket. This is a pre-requisite for many ultra races, and probably an item of kit that will inevitably be put to use in training and racing. I was so excited to don my lovely new green jacket that I decided to run home in it – even if the clouds didn’t really look all that threatening (it was raining just before I left – so that was my defense). It was a really nice run – though I did feel myself flagging a little towards the end – a hint of wrong nutrition throughout the day, and maybe a touch of cooking myself in my new coat :-)

It wasn’t till late on Thursday that I realised that it had been the day that we’d find out if we were in the london marathon through the ballot. Sadly I had to wait until Friday though before I came home to find Elvis on my doormat.

Oh dear – I think that is one successful ballot application in 5 years!! :-(

It was only going to be a catered training run, given the other targets for 2013, but I was still a little disappointed not to get a place!!

I’d almost kind of forgotten, but I was signed up for The Hurt – another fantastic AllAboutTriathlons race, whose title doesn’t hide the truth. However, the training plan called for 12 miles, and the race was ‘only’ 12km. So I decided to get dropped off and then run home.

The weather on Saturday morning was absolutely stunning – perfect for racing, and even better for just running through the woods with a bunch of like-minded people :-) Following the last couple of weeks’ training, I was aware the title would be an accurate portrayal, but I was happy that sticking to an ‘easy’ pace would be fine! I got to registration and my name wasn’t on the list. Rather than do the sane thing and say, oh well – back to bed. I said I’d definitely signed up as a volunteer and it was mentioned that apparently a few people had a similar issue – so I got a race number after all.

A short synopsis would be – up, down, up, up, up, views, down, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, down, more views, up!!

In a few more words I would say that it was a lovely race – and yes, the weather helped a lot with that. But it was brilliant and I had a heap of fun climbing up the steep slopes and running through the forest tracks. I also got some good pics thanks to sussex sports photography (click the link and search for runner 849) – I will buy them as soon as I got the dollar to do so, because the view at the top was pretty awesome! (i’m even on the facebook album cover shot lol)

At the end, there was only one thing for it – Lynds had ditched me, and I had to make it home under my own steam. It was funny as I thought of how I had deemed anyone who ran home after a race, as a bit of a nutter – no finer case in point than mr Sam Robson, who ran the london marathon before running home – to cambridge!! And now look at him, running UTMB just a few weeks ago :-)

Not far down the road, I decided to take a nice looking footpath off to the side – and it was all going so well, till I got a smidge lost, and ended up adding a few more feet of elevation. I finally got back to the road I wanted. Well I thought I had, but a little while longer I realised I wasn’t heading in the right direction. By the time I got enough signal on my phone to locate myself on the maps I had gone rather a way in the wrong direction. So I took the decision to follow some MTB singletrack down the hill – and it was FUN!!! :-) but I also ended up some more lost. A friendly man walking his dog pointed my in the right direction and I got to a point that I recognised. I had another problem though – the sweating and mildly cold wind had meant that my t-shirt had chafed my nurps to buggery. I was in quite a lot of pain, and really rather keen to get home. It didn’t really ruin my run, but it did make the last couple of miles a little painful. Though, when training for an ultra I guess any painful experience can be put to good use!

The Hurt – elevation profile (first 12km) then the run home

This weeks training was rounded off nicely with an easy 9 miles that turned out to be not so easy at all. I had thought about a road run, but I took a trip up the first footpath I found. It led to 2 miles of straight up hill climbing. It was actually really nice, but probably not what my legs fancied today!

The view from the top

Although overcast it was actually another pretty perfect running day! I decided to try out my new waist pack which will be carrying my gear around Whitby in a few months time. On the whole it was pretty comfortable – no chafe issues, and nice and light. However, I couldn’t get it to sit right and the weight of a bottle juggling on one side seemed to keep pulling it round to the side, and it was riding up past belly-button height. Sure I just need more practice and some time to get used to it!

OMM 6L Waist Pack

Lovely and yellow – gonna clash so much with green jacket and blue shoes, but I don’t care.

Up to 39 miles for the week and enjoying it!! :-) Till next time…


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