Sometimes You Just Do Things

In Eat & Run, Scott Jurek talks about the importance of those 5 words, and the way his fathers use of them seemingly made him who he is today. Whenever young Jurek was in any doubt as to why he was out slaving away chopping wood, or cooking for the family, or one of many other sacrifices he seemed to make when growing up, the response was simple:

Sometimes, you just do things

And that is kind of how this week was.

On Tuesday I did my usual 4 mile door-to-door run, though using a new path instead, which was nice. On Wednesday I was due to head up the trails for a hill session of some description. However, I was chatting away with one of the gents in IT who is a runner and he offered to take me for a run around the woods that I don’t really know yet. So I met him at the lookout and we had a great 45 minute run. I was at about 4.5miles when I set out for home in the dark. Heading down the lanes in the pitch black with my head torch was an interesting experience.

It was also a little scary. All alone in the pitch black, with nothing to see other than what was in the beam of my torch ensured I ran a little quicker than I was probably intending to do. I did notice though, that when running in the dark it is almost impossible to really know how far you have travelled and indeed how fast you are travelling it. With no point of reference – even being able to see how long it takes you to run between two streetlights – it’s all a little disconcerting. I think I managed a pretty quick run as my calves were cramping by the end!

On Thursday though, the wheels fell of a little. All day long I’d been in a bit of a funk – and I really couldn’t be bothered going for a run. I was in luck though. Lynds has a half day on Thursday, so although I didn’t feel like it; I got myself ready, said ‘Sometimes you just do things’ and headed home.

The run wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it certainly wasn’t the worst, and all in all I had a nice time. Mostly I was just pretty glad that I had gone out!! It got me thinking about the fact that not all that long I would have had at least an hour of travelling home thinking of all the reasons why I didn’t have to run, and convincing myself the run would be even better if I put it off till the next day – It never was.

Since working at Hurtwood, I haven’t missed a single planned run. And I feel pretty good about that!!

Yesterday I had a few other appointments booked, and so I had to get up bright and early for my run. The Grand Prix qualifying kind of got in the way – so my 9 mile run ended up a teeny bit short as I needed to get home.

I had my first opticians appointment in approximately a trillion years, and though she was a teeny bit concerned and threatened me with trivial nonsense like blindness etc; everything will generally be OK so long as I look after my lenses better, and she signed me up for some new ones. Hooray, I can see again, and my eyes feel good!!

This morning, after the F1 of course, I headed out for another 9 miles or so. I decided this morning that I would try walking breaks. It’s a fairly well known fact that many people don’t actually run the whole way round an ultra – even Jornet doesn’t. And rather than train at silly paces, it is imperative to get used to both time on feet and walking during a long run. So I decided to head out from the offset at a pace of 8 minute run with a 2 minute walk. And… it was pretty awesome. I felt really good during the run portions – even up any hills, as my legs felt refreshed from each walk section. The weather was glorious and I had a great time on the trails :-) On another positive note I also had another go with the waist pack this morning, and it felt mch better, with far less wobbling around! Hooray.

And so ends another 36mile week, ultra training is going well, and I am feeling good!! Peace Out


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