A Slack Week

Last week was a revelation – after years working in education I finally get to experience the joys of school holidays – and of course not only that, but I get to experience private boarding school holidays :-)

Earlier than every other school, last week was our half term. Cutting the term in to equal 7 week blocks, I was really ready for the break, which was surprising as I have never had the joy of holidays.

I had hoped that it would mean a week of excellent training, but…

well it started brilliantly with the very exciting news that I would be representing Brooks running at the Hell up North event next weekend.

On Tuesday I headed out for a nice easy 5 miles, and well, that’s pretty much what happened. It was good to run in daylight – but also not be out too early in order to cover a tonne of miles before lunchtime.

On Wednesday I headed up the trail for a tough hill session. For 16 solid minutes I ran up and down a muddy trail in the forest at about 1 in 4 gradient. It was hard work, but I enjoyed it. I had fun in the mud, and got very wet feet as some puddles (of God-only knows what) went halfway up my shins.

In the afternoon I did my bit for saving lives and I went and donated a pint of the red stuff.

I left exercise a good 24hours, but on Thursday afternoon I set off in all my new Brooks running gear for a steady 4 miles. 2 miles later I thought my legs were going to fall off, if my lungs didn’t give in first – and it was a long time since my HR was that high on a flat route! Blood donation definitely took it out of me.

Shiny new running top and shorts from Brooks
A toasty new hoody
I don’t want to take these Cascadia’s in the Bog of DOOM

On Friday, after having bits and pieces fixed on the car we packed the cat off to the cattery, and the wife and I set off for a lovely day exploring Bath. Well……

…. we got about 12 miles down the road, to a car park in Guildford where we spent two hours of our lives.

Oh poop!

The new water pump that had been fitted just a few hours earlier was a duff part, the seals broke, and all water in the engine disappeared. I went and bought some bottles of water to fill the reservoir in order to limp back to Cranleigh, and as I poured it in I was able to see the leak as it came out again at the other end.

Our day in Bath was over, and we panicked as we had paid money for a hotel, and tickets for the next day. The garage were brilliant as they cleared their workload for the afternoon and set about replacing the part that they had been supplied. At half past 4 in the afternoon we finally set off again for Bath.

The B&Bthat we had sourced was lovely, and although we didn’t get to really sample the city we did head there for some dinner, and had a lovey night at Yum Yum Thai.

On Saturday, after an incredible breakfast we headed south to Longleat! It was my first visit, and although it was very cold the sun shone all day long and we had an absolute blast – especially driving through the monkey enclosure as we watched a monkey break and pull-off a rear washer nozzle – from a hire car :-)

An added bonus was that the day ended with a fireworks display. It was brilliant as it was set to music and really well choreographed.

So, still no running, and on Sunday after a long drive home and clocks changing, and other things that needed to be done, I also did no running. Arggh!!

Lynds and I spent the afternoon making pumpkins though, which was fun!

Harry Potter and a Scary Face

So, it was an enforced rest week really, which is no bad thing I guess. But it is important to pick it back up this week and hit it hard, before Hell Runner on Saturday.


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