Hills and Hell

It’s OK, those are seperate this week (vaguely), unlike last weeks ‘Hills of Hell’ in the Delamere Forest.

I don’t know why, but midweek runs have been an issue recently – probably down to, in no small part, the fact that it is dark at 4:30 and I don’t finish till 6!!

Anyway, Tuesday was a nice enough 5 mile run home. Uneventful and uninspiring, but generally OK. On the whole, Thursday was exactly the same. The best thing about Thursday runs is that I have no option other than to run if I actually want to get home!

On Friday evening I had a follow up optician appointment which was successful as he said my eyes were actually looking good!! Thankfully they will be robbing me of some of my wages on a monthly basis :-(

Saturday morning was time for long run. I loaded up my pack and set off on a walk/run hilly 19 miles. The plan was to take on my local ‘3 peaks’, basically just the three biggest hills that are locally accessible.

Leith Hill

Steps, the only way is up!
Looks lovely
The view from the top (the tower is behind me)

Holmbury Hill

Looking East. Climbed up after dropping down from Leith Hill

Pitch Hill

Time for a rest here and catching my breath whilst enjoying the view

I was knackered by the end of it, legs were aching, and after 15 miles I called it a day. Time on feet is almost as important as distance, and by the end of the run I had gone up over half the total elevation of the NDW50, in a run less than a third of the distance.

I had stuff to do on Saturday afternoon, but instead some inconsiderate sod programmed Star Wars on TV, so I had to watch that first :-) Then I baked banana loaf. YUM!!

On Sunday I was up super early, but it wasn’t to run!! It was all in aid of supporting other runners as I volunteered for marshaling duties at the Hellrunner Hell Down South. I got to the army camp nice and early on a stunning autumnal day. Before long I had volunteered to go out on course and went on a little off-roading adventure to get to my support point.

My marshaling point
“I’m with Stupid”

I was a little bored whilst waiting for runners to actually get to my point on the course so I snapped some nature shots in the crisp sunny morning

And soon enough runners started coming through, I was at the top of a bit of track where tanks are obviously tested going up and down some nice steep slopes which was fun for the runners :-)

I cheered everyone one with a round of applause, and enjoyed watching both the super quick runners and those in fancy dress – including a devil called Roy!! It was a beautiful sight to behold a whole line of runners stop at 11am as the air raid siren went off across the camp to signal time to remember. 99% of the runners came to a halt – sometimes things are just more important than a run, for most people at least! I was only 2.5 miles into the race, so it wasn’t long before all the runners were through, and I was dragged away and driven bck to base where I stood at the finish line handing bottles of water to tired and very muddy runners.

Once everyone had finished the team set about dismantling the race area. It was a huge job, but done in good spirits and everyone worked really well.

It was a long day, but hugely rewarding and although I didn’t get a run done, I was on my feet all day long so it can’t be that bad. Also picked up a few spare goody bags as reward and a nice race T Shirt too :-)

I really need to get back on it though this week as 24 miles wasn’t enough, and certainly doesn’t help in the attainment of 2012km this year!!! Hopefully be joining some folks on the North Downs Way next Sunday – and I keep playing in my head whether or not to go to the Guildford Running club, but running clubs are scary, so maybe not!!

Anywhooo, until next time. Peace out folks!


4 thoughts on “Hills and Hell

  1. never met a scary running club yet. Some may be biased towards more “elite” running but usually very friendly. Those with AC or Harriers in their name normally more serious than “runners” or “joggers”

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