Santa Photos

Hooray, the official Cranleigh Santa Dash 2012 pics are here for all to see. Thanks to Simon Hart who has released them free of charge – save for a small donation to the Surrey Air Ambulance.

Race Briefing - The beard only goes up when it's time to Rock n' Roll
Race Briefing – The beard only goes up when it’s time to Rock n’ Roll
Cranleigh Santa Dash
Mark Evans, as we’ve never seen him before. And some strange man lurking in the background
Cranleigh Santa Dash
The Beard is UP! 3….. 2….. 1…..
Cranleigh Santa Dash
Go, Go, Go
Cranleigh Santa Dash
I’m in the middle. Settling in to 5th place
Cranleigh Santa Dash
4th place finisher – 1st place bearded finisher

I was quite sad that the photographer didn’t catch me on the line as I ‘shook my belly, like a bowl full of jelly’ as I Ho Ho Ho’d my way across the finish line!

Cranleigh Santa Dash
Here’s Mummy – Oh, and Daddy in the background :-)

And there we have it. The limited field of Cranleigh Santa Dash 2012 was disappointing, but it was great fun, and seeing as I got to keep my santa suit, I’ll hope to be back next year!!


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