2012km in 2012

So, for 2012 I decided to set a distance target for the year. Previously I managed about 500 miles in 2011, so wanted to set myself a good target to aim for – with this in mind I decided to celebrate the year with 2012km in 2012.

For those who speak imperially, or run in miles (as I do) that is 1250.2 miles in the year.

104.18 miles per month
24.04 miles per week
3.42 miles per day

In addition, it is also the equivalent of running (in a direct line) between London and Sofia, Bulgaria. The route of which can be seen in this image taken from google earth.

1250.2 miles between London and Sofia

And some sights I would have seen along my way.

The start point of "London" on google earth - Trafalgar Square
Crossing the channel via the White Cliffs of Dover
My welcome to France at Les Huttes d'Oye
Crossing into Belgium, for the first time, the town of Watou
The historic Velodrome de Roubaix
Grand Place - Mons, Belgium
Charleroi, Belgium
Mardasson Memorial - for the soldiers who died in the Battle of the Bulge in 1944
Kaiserslautern, Germany
Landau marketplace in Germany

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