Random Comments

WordPress does a pretty good job at keeping the trashy spam comments out of my blog, and letting all you lovely folk write nice things to me which don’t get binned!

I was cleaning out the spam folder this morning, just to make sure no nice things had gotten put in the wrong bit, when I saw a comment a little different from the usual ‘Hello Web Admin, your SEO is….’

This made me chuckle, and I thought I’d share with you all :-)

Sighing, Alvin watched his brother leave, then scampered across the room to his bed. Reaching the top, he walked over to his pillow and collapsed, breathing heavily before exhaling slowly. Though his heart was still shattered and he felt like crying some more, he did feel a sort of healing coursing through him thanks to the comfort that his younger brother was providing. He rolled over onto his back. It was only in doing so that he finally noticed how fat he’d gotten. His overstuffed belly partially blocked his view. The odd thing was that he actually sort of liked having a big belly. Smiling, he patted it, indulging in the sloshing sounds it made as he did so.


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